Podcast Episode #3: What's Time Got To Do With It?

Hey, gorgeous soul. Welcome back to the Effortless Expansion podcast. This episode is a juicy one. We are going to explore the concept of time, something that we all talk about and think about, pretty much every moment of every day.
Now that I've said this to you, can you become aware of how often you reference time in your life? Let me give you some examples. I don't have time for that. We have to leave at 5:30! Kids, get ready, get your shoes on. Hurry up, we're gonna be late! Think about setting your alarm in the morning to go to work or setting your timer before you begin a meditation. Time is always ticking. I am going to dive deep into this human-made construct and you will learn:
  • Why humans created the concept of time
  • How to stop feeling like you are always running out of time
  • How to start using time as an infinite resource
Why does time exist anyways?
It’s kind of ironic, we created this concept simply for convenience, yet we almost always use it as a crutch. What I mean is that time was created so that we no longer had to look at the sun, be like, okay, let's meet when the sun is halfway down in the sky, under the apple tree. Now we can say, let's meet for CrossFit at 5:30am EST. Much simpler, see?
Here’s where things get funky. Despite the convenience it provides us, we often use it as a crutch, there's never enough of it.

How do I stop feeling like I am always running out of time?
I mean, realistically we do only have a finite amount of it, twenty-four hours in a day, to be exact. But you have the same amount of time as everyone else including Beyonce, soooo… no excuses.
The real reason you might feel like you’re always running out of time is because you are operating in a lack frequency. If you find yourself always looking at time from this “not enough” perspective, it’s rooted in lack.
The solution is to see time for what it really is, a convenience. It’s a small mindset shift but it will change the way you feel about time. You’ll start respecting it, stop showing up late, and start using it to plan out the things you want and need to do.
Where your time may be going…
Don’t hate me for saying this, but, have you checked your screen time?
Seriously, this is the best tip I can give you.
There is this handy-dandy feature on iPhones that allows you to see exactly how much time you’re spending on your phone. If you’re feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day, you may want to see if a big chunk of it is going down the drain in this way.
I check mine every Sunday and I am always shocked to see how much time I spend. I am always making it my goal to reduce that number.
How can I use time as an infinite resource?
This is the number one way to give yourself more time in your life.
Set boundaries with your phone.
I decided that I'm not going to pick up my phone until after I meditate, greet my children,  journal and or workout– whatever my morning routine looks like that day. Your phone can wait, I promise.
Next, resist the urge to grab your phone every time you get a few seconds of downtime. Instead I encourage you to be present in the moment. Here's the truth, you manifest in the NOW and everything you could ever desire is available for you in the quantum field, but you have to be present. You must learn to harness the power of the present moment if you want to tap into the quantum field.
If you want more juicy tips on how to improve your relationship with time, be sure to tune in to Episode 2 of Effortless Expansion.
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I invite you to join me to claim your unruliness and step into your true self. It’s time to remember who you are and who you came here to be. Together, let's bring her out.
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Podcast Episode #2: Ignite You

If I were to ask you to write a list of things you want right now, how big would your list be? If you’re like most people you’re probably in the habit of brushing your desires off, feeling unworthy, and feeling like you don’t even know what you want anymore. I am here to tell you that for starters, nothing is wrong with you. That used to be me, too.  The good news is that igniting your desires is easy, fun and wildly exhilarating. 

Step #1: Write 111 Desires On Paper

I know, you’re probably thinking there is no way you could possibly think of 111 desires. I invite you to dig deep and give it a try.
Don’t read the list as you’re writing it, just see what comes out. My favorite way to do this is to put on a little Adele and be in quiet time. Set the mood for you to feel in the flow, whatever that looks like for you. Light a candle, have a dance party, sit outside– you get the idea.
So often when we have a desire our logical mind is like, “No, you don't need that. How could you need that? You have this instead.” Or, “How could you desire that when you other people don't even have their basic needs met?” If that belief is active for you, I recommend listening to my last podcast episode where I dive deep into guilt.

Point #2: Ditch The Judgment

Don’t make your desires mean anything. Release all judgment about what you want so that you don’t block your receiving channel. Remember, our intention is to activate or stimulate our desires and a surefire way to deactivate our desires is to judge ourselves for having them in the first place. 

Step #3: Ignite Your Desire

This is the fun part. My favorite way to activate my desires is to fully let myself live in the having of the desire NOW. For example, if you want a Louis Vuitton bag, go to a store and try it on, take a picture with it, feel as if it’s already yours. Similarly, if you have your eye on a new car, go test drive it! Memorize the feeling of the steering wheel, how the dash looks and how incredible it feels to sit in the car.
It’s important to give yourself permission to fully embody these moments. It may feel like pretending at first, but that’s kind of the point. We want to trick or prime our subconscious mind into believing that what we want is possible.
Other ways to ignite your desires include:
  • Befriend people who have your dream job
  • Surround yourself with people who are living the life you desire
  • Walk through the neighborhood you desire to live in
  • Create a vision board style wallpaper for your phone
  • Set an alarm to go off multiple times throughout the day to remind you that your desires are on their way to you 

Step #4: Gut Check

As a generator in Human Design, I often get really inspired by other people and sometimes the desires I feel are not actually my desires. What I mean by that is that sometimes it’s my ego talking. I created a simple protocol to check in with my gut, my sacral authority, and see if this desire is really mine.
It’s really simple: 
  1. Get quiet. Find a space where you will not be interrupted
  2. Sit in meditation take a few deep breaths
  3. Ask your higher self, “Do I desire this _________ from my higher self?”
  4. Wait for a clear yes or no
  5. Honor the answer

Step #5: Change Things Up

A great way to further activate these soul-aligned desires is to change things up in your life to rewire your brain. We operate on autopilot most of the time and that means that your bad habits (or beliefs about why you can’t have your desires) are likely to come up without you even realizing.
Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly realize that you don’t even remember going through the last intersection? You can’t even remember if the light was green or red… scary, huh? That is how powerful our subconscious mind is!
Here are some easy ways to change things up and step out of autopilot:
  • Sleep on the other side of the bed
  • Brush your teeth with your non dominant hand
  • Hold your phone with the opposite hand
  • Take a different route to work
As you embark on this journey of stepping into your fullest expression, remember that your higher self, your soul, wants you to have everything you want. Your desires are meant for you. The universe was designed this way. It may feel hard and scary at first, but once you get momentum going in the direction of your desires and the more you see the universe conspiring in your favor, the more you will believe in the power of this work.

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Podcast Episode #040: The G Word

Let’s talk about guilt. Whether it’s mom guilt, guilt about snapping at our partner, or guilt about our big audacious goals that we don’t feel worthy of, we’ve all experienced it. 
To kick off season 2 of my podcast, Effortless Expansion, I dive deep into the concept of guilt and break it down unlike you’ve ever heard it before. I also share some very vulnerable stories of how I’ve dealt with guilt in my marriage and with my children.
I’m going to give you some unconventional advice about guilt, help you to see it in a new way and hopefully, help you rid your life of it like I have.
If you’ve been feeling (or suppressing) guilt and are finally ready to see things differently, this one’s for you.

When you hear the “G word,” what does that make you think of?

Here’s what we are told:
  • We can't have more, be more, do more than anyone else, or we have to feel guilty about it
  • I can't drive a luxury car because some people can't even afford a car
  • I can't have food on my table every night because others go hungry every night 
These are the stories that we tell ourselves. And frankly, this is the story that I used to tell myself. I used to ask myself, how can I live this life and be fully embodied when there are people who are seriously struggling?
I invite you to be open to really look at guilt in a different way than how we've been experiencing it and how we've been taught as a society.

Here's my new understanding of guilt: 

When I'm fully embodied living my limitless desire-filled life I am an example in showing everyone what's possible for them. 
Does that mean I sometimes activate (trigger) people? 
Abso-freakin-loutley. I'm here to be an example to show you what's possible for you.
I strongly believe that I signed up to lead women in this life. To raise the consciousness of the planet and to be a walking example to women that we can have anything and everything we want. To anchor in the knowing that anything and everything is possible for us, so that we can turn around and teach the next generation.

In order for us to be able to kiss guilt goodbye for good, we must understand how it works. 

Let me explain… when you experience an emotion like guilt, fear, shame, or judgment you don’t feel good because you are experiencing a low frequency. When you experience joy, pleasure,  fun or wealth you feel great because you are experiencing a higher frequency. Naturally, the universe wants us to experience lots of those high frequency emotions. When we experience the lower frequency emotions our soul cries because we're not living at our fullest potential.
The tricky part is that when we are at that level, in this case, the G word, the more we don't feel good about where we are. The more our point of attraction drops and we start attracting more things that give us more guilt and things that match the vibration of guilt, which, if you can already guess, is shame, fear, judgment, lack etc. 

This isn’t about certain emotions being bad while others are good, it’s about letting our bodies process the emotions so they can pass through us rather than staying stuck.

 When you feel guilt come up I invite you to notice, where do you feel it in your body?
For me, it's typically in my chest or in the pit of my stomach. Mom guilt is always in my stomach and guilt in my marriage always shows up as a heaviness in my chest.
To get really vulnerable, when I snap at Nick, when I yell at my kids, or when I let them watch too much TV, I have this thought that I am a bad person, maybe even a bad mom,  or a bad wife. 
Cue the guilt.
Then what comes next is the thought, “what can I do to make it better?”
I will try to swoop in and be a superwife, supermom, or superhuman. I’ll drop off some food for my husband while he’s at work, I’ll let the kids have sugar, or I will buy them a gift. This is me succumbing to the guilt and shame of what I did instead allowing myself to process this human emotion.
The truth is, I'm not gonna nail it every time as a wife or mom. I acknowledge when I am not at my best and I am committed to learn from it. 
Now when guilt, fear or shame  comes up, I process that emotion. I let myself feel it instead of jumping into “fix it” mode. When we fail to fully process our emotions as they come up, it stays stuck in the body and shows up in ways we don't want it to like dis-ease and stress and anxiety. It can also lead to vicious cycle of more guilt. Let me show you a real life example of how that looks:
Nick, my husband, made a comment about my cooking. It triggered me. I snapped at him. Now, frustrated and triggered, I also feel guilty.
Here is how I coach myself out of this:
Why do I feel guilty?
I feel guilty because I snapped at Nick.
Why did I snap at Nick?
I snapped at Nick because he triggered me.
Why was that so activating to me?
Because I work really hard in providing healthy meals for our family.
What about that activated me when he said that?
Well, because I just feel like he should appreciate me more.
Okay, so I'm feeling unappreciated?
Okay, so by yelling at him, is he going to appreciate me more?
So what could I do to feel more appreciated if that's really why I snapped at him?
Oh, well, I could just tell him how I feel.
Hmm. Yeah, I probably could do that. 
Do you see how I logically talked myself through this?
We can apply this technique to:
  • feeling guilty about leaving your kids or pets
  • wanting to have a career instead of being a SAH mom
  • having big desires and goals 
Truth: there's no point in doing anything in the vibration of feeling guilty and you have the power to change it.
I couldn’t lead women in the way that I do if I haven’t experienced and worked through guilt like I have. I couldn’t hold space for the heartbreak, sleepless nights and deep shadow work if I hadn’t gone through it myself. I take this work seriously. It is my mission to help women manifest their limitless desire, filled life through living my own limitless life. I am here to activate you, this is my passion.
I invite you to own your power, to claim it and lead with it.

I’m going to give you some unconventional advice about guilt, help you to see it in a new way and hopefully, help you rid your life of it like I have.
If you’ve been feeling (or suppressing) guilt and are finally ready to see things differently, this one’s for you.

Be the Mom who puts herself first.
Be the Wife who takes care of herself first.
Be the Woman who chooses herself first everyday.
Be the Woman who walks away from people who don’t see her worth.
Be the Mom who teaches her kids not to listen to anyone else's opinion but their own.
Be the Wife who partners with her husband to write their own rules in marriage.
Be the rule breaker. Be the Icon. Be whoever YOU freaking want to be.
That’s what this life is about. It comes with no rules, no manual, no guide. You get to write your own script and story.
Are you ready to change your story?

Join me for a free 3 day masterclass, IGNITE, infusing desire, power, and luxury in your life! It's happening on August 15 @ 8PM EST.

Podcast Episode #039: 3 Signs It’s Time For A Mama Mindset Makeover

Ep. #039: 3 Signs It’s Time For A Mama Mindset Makeover

Did you know that your mindset might be hurting you rather than helping you? This is because your mindset is key to manifesting your dreams and accomplishing your goals. If your mindset is working against you, it might be time for a Mama mindset makeover.
So a mindset makeover is exactly what it sounds like: A mom (you) taking over or redoing your mindset. And as mom, it's easy to get into bad habits that kill our mindset. It might be letting the little things get to us, falling out of our mom power or maybe it's skipping self care because we're feeling mom guilt. You know how it goes, we don't want to leave our kids, we don't wanna miss out, get a babysitter or ask our husband.
These are your signs it’s time for a Mama mindset makeover:
  • You find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated frequently even when you don’t know why
  • You experience resentment or bitterness
  • You’re raising your children the way you were raised even though it’s not working for your family
  • You’re struggling to find and stay in your mom power
  • You don’t consider yourself a person anymore
Let’s dive into each of these a bit deeper, shall we?

You find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated frequently even when you don’t know why

So listen, you're gonna have moments as a Mom that are gonna drive you insane. It just is what it is. Right? It's normal. It's expected. We're human. We came here for a human experience. It's when you're finding yourself becoming overwhelmed and frustrated so much that you're likely losing yourself or control over your emotions. You know, screaming at your kids, saying things that you didn't mean and, or reacting instead of responding to things in your external environment. How can you see these things as happening for you instead of happening to you? This is a big sign that you need a mindset makeover.

You experience resentment or bitterness

Frustration, resentment and bitterness all stem from unmet needs. I invite you to ponder what are your unmet needs between you, your child, yourself, and in your relationships?
When you can identify what those unmet needs are, you can realign your life to be able to meet those needs for yourself.
Here's the cold hard truth… you are the only one that's gonna take care of you.

 You're the only one in the whole world that will do it. As much as your children love you, as much as your spouse may love you, as much as your family may love you, you have to look out for you.

You’re raising your children the way you were raised even though it’s not working for your family

Oftentimes we get caught up on this is how things “should” be. I want invite you to consider, is this is how you were taught  to be or is this what works for you? It doesn’t matter what your mom or grandmother did because here's the thing, if it doesn’t work for your family it doesn’t work for your family. No justification needed. I really stand by that and embody a life that looks unconventional for other people. The way I raise my children is way different than my mom and my grandmother raised me and way different than society in a lot of ways. For the record, I tried to do things like society says, like I was taught and it didn't work for my family. It left me burnout with no self confidence. It left me desiring more and it left me in a marriage that had zero passion.

When I released this expectation to “follow the rules” and did what worked for me and my family, everything changed. We're thriving now. We are so incredibly healthy, wealthy and so freaking happy. This has been a huge part of my evolution in my mindset, in personal growth, in manifestation, and in starting this new career in coaching and mentoring. I'm so grateful for this journey and I'm here to support you where you need it.

You’re struggling to find and stay in your mom power

Your mom power is your personal power. Meaning, no matter what happens outside of you, you can stay calm, cool, collected, despite breaking up a fight with your kids. Despite having to load your groceries in the rain. Despite all of the things. When you allow external circumstances to derail you from feeling good, aligned, happy or confident about yourself you become a victim of the circumstance.

This is why I talk so much about staying in your Mom power. This is your personal power that no matter what happens around you, you can feel all the feelings of disappointment, anger or whatever AND stay in your personal power instead of blowing a gasket.
You may think okay, I can do this. But then your kids break a family heirloom and it's gone before your eyes and you see red. It happens, but it doesn't have to. The work is in retraining, rewiring, and reframing your brain to stay in your power.


So the mindset makeover is all about identifying and amplifying your Mom power. This means learning how to recognize when you're feeling incredible and staying there. Here are a few ways to drop into your power:
  • taking a bath
  • having sex
  • getting your nails done
  • reading a good book
  • buying a pair of jeans that fit just right
You know the feeling when you're tapped in, tuned, in, and turned on. But can you stay there when life gets messy? Can you feel all the feelings but yet stay in your power?

You don't consider yourself a person anymore

This is a big one. When you're making decisions, what is your thought process? Mine used to be centered around what would or could it do for my family? I always thought about what they needed, wanted, or dreamed of first before I considered my own needs and desires. While that's an okay way to live it, it's not for me. And frankly, I am of the belief that it will send you into Mom burnout really freaking quick.
So while you want what's best for your family, you also have to remember that you two are part of that said family, and that your decision should, should also impact you. You're allowed to make decisions that benefit you too. I'm a big proponent of “me first, my energy first”, before I can serve my family. I’ve said this a million times but I will say it again, when you thrive, your family thrives.
I want to invite you into my world and if you’re feeling called for more, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I hang out most on Instagram here, but I also spend a lot of time on Facebook here. We are on this journey together, Mama and you don’t have to go through this alone.

Podcast Episode #038: 7 Life Changing Affirmations

Ep. #038: 7 Life Changing Affirmations

It’s the first day of summer break as I am recording this episode and I am full-on anchoring into my intentions for the next few months. I’ve created a list of things I want to experience and I call it my “live list” and I had my kids create a summer bucket list. I am committed to doing the things that light me the F up while also being a yes mom for my kids.

I noticed something as I was chatting with some of my friends on Instagram and that is the trend of Moms being overwhelmed about summer. I created this list of affirmations with that Mom in mind.

#1: I am the Mother my children need and love and I do not need to compare myself to others

 As tempting as it may be to compare yourself to the Pinterest Moms who appear to have it all together, do not do it. Set an example for your children by being kind to yourself. If you’re like me, you would be mortified if your kids talked to themselves the way you often talk to yourself.

#2: I am embracing the direction my day goes and I can stay in my Mom power

 As hard as it can be (trust me, I know), staying in your Mom power is always a choice. You can choose to fly off the handle and yell at your children or you can choose to respond with love and patience. You won’t nail it every time, we are human after all, but if you can stay in your Mom power more often than not, it will make a huge difference in the direction of your day.

#3: I am valued beyond my role as a mother, but as a wife, teacher, caregiver, and woman as well

As you say this affirmation it is really important that you become the woman who is valued. How does she act, speak, behave? Become her.

#4: My day will not go perfectly and that is totally okay.

Release the unrealistic expectation that your day will go smoothly. Life always throws curve balls and that is just part of the game. Give yourself permission to be messy and to take life as it comes. Don’t forget, we are all in this together.

#5: I will make my own rules and choose what’s best for me and my family

This one is huge, Mama. There are no rules to life. You don’t have to follow any rules that don’t feel good for you and your family. Trust your instincts.

#6: I am allowed to take a break and breathe. Having needs does not make me a bad mom

In fact, neglecting your needs is not only a disservice to yourself but also your family because when you thrive, they thrive. Your energy is contagious.


#7: I trust my intuition as a Mom and as a woman

Do I need to remind you of your innate divine power? I mean you grew a perfect little human baby inside of your body, what more evidence could there be to prove that you are magic on legs?! (That’s a saying from my incredible mentor Melanie Ann Layer.) You are equipped with the intelligence to bring an entire human to this planet so I can safely guarantee you that you are also equipped with the intelligence and intuition to deal with anything that comes your way in life. 

The absolute best way to use and practice these affirmations is by creating a habit, typically in the morning to recite them. One of my favorite things to do is to journal my affirmations each morning and then I love to read them to myself in the mirror. Doing this in the morning (before the kids wake up) has been an absolute game changer for me. When I get into alignment before I begin my day, I am able to get rid of overwhelm completely and also be a better, more present Mom for my kids.

I hope these 7 affirmations found you well, and I would love to know which of them spoke to you the most! Send me a DM over on Instagram here to let me know. Also, if there is something specific in your life that you’d like to create an affirmation around, I would be happy to brainstorm it with you and give you my suggestions! 

Cheers to a happy and healthy summer!
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