Your Guide for where to Eat, Shop and Stay while visiting Waco, Texas and the coveted Magnolia!

Are you yearning for a girls trip?

I feel you. After the last 18 months, I don’t know what could be better than a girls trip.

Have you heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines? Better known as Magnolia. It’s an incredible now household name and brand that Chip and Joanna Gaines created. It started and is housed in Waco Texas. 

And it also happens to be an incredible destination for a girls trip. Ask me how I know because three of my sweet friends planned a belated surprise birthday trip for me to Magnolia and Waco,Texas last week.

We spent our time shopping for home items; decor, kitchen updates includes utensils and housewares. Along with boutique shopping. Oh and how could I forget I got a gorgeous piece of furniture for my stairway- coastal theme y’all! Fits me to a T. 

And when we were researching this trip, it was apparent there wasn’t a lot of information on what to do when visiting Waco and since we were on a tight timeline we put together an itinerary of where to shop, where to eat and where we recommend staying-spoiler alert, it’s the cutest little house that I cannot wait to go back to one day. Plus one additional recommendation on where to stay, right next to where we stayed, a new house called The Sterling House-so dang adorable! 

Keep reading to hear more about the where to eat, where to shop, what to do, and all the ins and outs of an epic girls trip focused around fun, shopping, food and incredible girl time. 

Of course I’m breaking it down for you into three categories: Where to Eat, Where to
Shop and where to Stay. Save this blog link and share it so everyone can make the most of their time in Waco ❤️

                                                                          *Those that are highlighted in Pink are the ones I personally ate  

135 Prime 120 Hewitt Dr Suite 110 Waco Texas
Upscale, fun and moody Steakhouse, seafood and farm-to table produce was our first nights dinner. The dirty martini, the scallops the creme brûlée were amazing! Definitely recommend this place- it would also make a perfect date night restaurant!

Food trucks at the Silos 601 Webster Ave  

Moroso wood fired pizza 4700 bosque blvd

2132 S. Valley Mills Dr

Sirona (eatery &shop) 1509 Austin Ave.

Silos Baking Co. 601 Webster Ave.
Ummmm the buttercream frosting on the cupcakes-YUM! Cupcakes, cookies and cinnamon rolls-don’t miss this for a sweet treat!

                                      Pic is of us first in line at Silos Bakery for some cupcakes which we brought home for our men to enjoy!

                                                                           *Those that are highlighted in Pink are the ones I personally shopped 

Magnolia Market 601 Webster Ave
The big shopping experience! Home goods, jewelry, hand bags and Waco souvenirs. This is the whole shebang all created by Chip and Joanna Gaines! After leaving the market you will come out in the beautiful landscaped grounds and food trucks featuring more cottage shopping. This is a truly unique and incredible shopping experience! 

Summer Ellis Bijouterie 601. Franklin Ave
Fine Jewelry with ad etlicate modern twist. We went into this shop-very cute but didn’t buy anything however, if you’re looking for unique jewelry-this is the place! 

Pretty in Pink Flamingo Boutique 611 Washington
We eyed this shop when it was closed and couldn’t wait to go back. Pink is my favorite color! Cute, trendy shop which was fun to explore although ultimately I didn’t find anything I  absolutely needed to have but still would recommend you check it out :)

Brazos River Supply Co 210 A S 5th St
Don’t forget about the men in your life :) This shop features some fun and unique mens gifts along with this adorable Waco sign we took our picture in front of.

The Findery 501 S 8th St (close to silos) 2 locations
There are 2 locations of The Findery so be sure to hit them both. My friends and I  scored big time at the initial Findery location (it was also our first shop to hit as we came into Waco so of course we came in hot! We bought earrings, dresses, shirts, necklaces and a jacket! But there were many more things to catch our eye. The downstairs is full of houseware and decor items!

The second location was so fun and we were so glad to have found it on our way out of town heading to the airport. I got napkins, a salad bowl set with salad tongs, Cake stand, and a cutting board set!

Paper Crown 601 Franklin Ave
Stationary, Craft Foods and Scrapbooking. My friend scored some adorable lunchbox notes to share with her boys. 

Fox and Gray-300 S. 6th (near silos) 
Adorable shop where for the fashionista! I scored this adorable orange 2 piece jumper set with a crop top and high waisted shorts which will be perfect for summer along with a hat to keep the sun off my face in the summer sun :) 

Little shop on bosque (Gaines original location)-3801 Bosque Blvd, Waco (10-5)
This is also called the “Scratch and Dent” shop where you can pick up some items that aren’t so perfect from Magnolia Market up to 75% off! When we visited I stocked up on some gold napkin rings while my friends got some greenery, cookbook and cutting board. 

Sironia- 1509 Austin Ave
We shopped and shopped and shopped here. We loved this place! Lots of small boutiques inside this one location which makes it easy for different styles to shop all in the same place! Staff is super friendly and they have a cute little coffee/dessert and sandwich shop inside too! And bonus if you’re an antique lover, an antique section upstairs. We bought lots of goodies here!

Interior Glo- Very Cool Home Decor. Lightening and Furniture shop. You could definitely peruse in this place for hours! We were probably in here looking for an hour! We didn’t buy anything but so fun to look!

Roots Boutique- Really fun modern clothing, jewelry and shoes shop! We didn’t make it into this one but looks adorable online!

Mainstream boutique- 600 Franklin 
The jewelry in this place is….well LOVE! I  snagged some earrings while my friends also got some jewelry along with some cute boutique clothing which is some of my fav because you can’t find it anywhere else :) 

Spice village (temp location 924 Austin Ave.)
This location was temporarily moved to the address listed above due to water damage from a bad winter storm Texas was hit with in the Spring of 2021. Spice village includes a lot (read EVEN more than you think) of shops. It’s very cool because all sorts of stores have their own little section and can display their own merchandise. I  don’t do well in these types of places as I find it overwhelming to shop so I  didn’t snag anything but my friends found a few things from greenery to clothes!

Apricot lane-2444 W Loop 340 in strip mall)-
We swung in this place almost at the end of our 12 hour day of shopping and didn’t buy anything but it was very cute and trendy clothing!

Adorn 804 Austin Ave. 
Really cute boutique filled with fashion forward clothes! I didn’t pick up anything here but the staff was friendly and my friends found a few cute tops they bought and loved!

Lanes-1601 Austin Ave gift shop in old house
Beautiful shop full of china, intricate cups, napkins, table pieces and pretty much any entertainers dream! If you’re in the area be sure to check out Lanes to register for dishes and China, the staff is friendly and the building is historic charm sure to leave you feeling at home. 

Iron Willow- 300 S 6th St, (metal art/word signage)
Next door to Fox and Grey- we didn’t make it inside but it looks adorable from outside and has a cute opportunity for a photo opportunity right out front!

Honey interior design-1700 Austin Ave
I scored this incredible Beachwood table which I can’t wait to write about once it arrives and give you all further details! I’m going to feature this in my stairway which has needed a table or design element since we moved in. The staff is super friendly and the furniture and decor featured in Honey Interior Design is certainly one of a kind!

                                                                                             *Highlighted in Pink is the home I stayed 

The Story House: The cutest brand new house 300 steps to Magnolia Market is the perfect place to stay for a trip to Waco. 

The incredible details with lots of natural light and modern furnishings are sure to make you feel warm and welcome. The incredible beauty and attention to detail in these effortless amenities will exceed your needs during your stay in Waco. 
The @StoryHouseWaco is the perfect spot to enjoy Magnolia Market, Magnolia Silos, Baylor and all the other incredible goodness Waco has to offer. 

Two bicycles are also included to help you roam around Waco taking in the sights with a bike ride!

Brand new, just completed (right next door to where I  stayed The Story House) is this beautiful, dreamy Sterling House. The sweet Owner allowed us to view this home for what will hopefully be a near future visit :) 

Again this house is just 300 short steps from Magnolia Market making it a dream location for Magnolia Silos, Baylor and everything Downtown Waco has to offer (read SHOPPING :)). 

This house is thoughtfully inspired with zen beach girly vibes which will bring you right into a perfect setting for a girls shopping trip if that’s what drew you to Waco. 

Detailed and exceptional design will have you dreaming about all the incredible design elements you could implement into your own home when you get back from your stay.

Two bicycles are also included to help you roam around Waco taking in the sights with a bike ride!

That's a wrap on an epic SURPRISE girls trip for 2021 you can be sure I'll be sharing all the details on my next big trip so be sure to click subscribe to the blog for all the updates coming your way!

Heart and Inner Growth,

Mom Life without community? No way..

Mom life where else can you say a word that means so many things?

Mom means caretaker, doer of all the things, taking care of everyone else, chef,  chauffeur, kisser of all the boo boos and pretty much everything else. 

Mom life is Incredible, amazing, terrifying, emotional and pretty much every other feeling in the whole wide world.

It’s also pretty much the best job there is. But here in this world right now in this connectedness that we have there is no better time to be living the best mom life than right freaking now.

Are you ready to live your best mom life?

What are you waiting for?

Do you need a community of moms who love and support you in this incredible yet terrifying journey of  Motherhood? Oh and I forgot one really valid and important point, moms who don’t judge you.

I’m talking moms who if you let your kids eat cake for breakfast no big deal or if you let your five kids sleep in bed with you, no big deal. Do you need this kind of support?

Because in this world, right now what I know we all need more of is understanding of each other. If we all came together and just love to one another how incredible with the world be?

When I became a mom, I was bombarded with all of the things that I should do say buy yeah when I had questions or disagreed with something I read online there was nobody there to say that’s OK you’re allowed to have those feelings instead it was more like I was belittled for believing differently than somebody else or raising my kids differently than somebody else. 

It left me feeling despaired upset and disappointed that this is the world that my child will grow up in

And frankly I decide to do something about it, so I created this incredible group call the Unjudged motherhood project It’s a place were all moms can come and feel the love and support of whatever they need. Where we don’t judge. Because we haven’t walked in your shoes. We have no idea what’s brought you to where you are today. But we know you need love and you need support.

And if there’s anybody that can do that it’s moms. Because mom life is the best life. And if us moms began to love each other like we love our children the world would be an incredible place. And, what would we teach our children? How to love everyone too. And I’m up for a world like that to raise my babies in, how about you?

You can find this empowering group here. 

Mindfulness Activities for the Modern Day Mom

Mindfulness activities- what do those look like for you? If you are mom, like me, it might mean five minutes in your car by yourself?

We are all busy. Every single one of us. Yet I'm biased to say Moms are even more swamped. It's because we run the house, we run the show, we cook, clean and do all the things for ourselves and our family. Plus we work! Either in or outside the home! I also run a business which I'm inclined to think makes me a little bit busier too. But this isn't about a busy badge of honor, instead its about-how I can incorporate so much into my busy lifestyle so I feel my best and love the life I live!

So, what's it for you Mama, what are your goals for everyday life for you? Do you want to live your best life every dang day? I hope so. Because you're the kind of Mom I want to lock arms with and become Mamahood besties with! 

Or it might mean binging your favorite TV show after everybody else is in bed.

But what if there was a new form of mindfulness?

A new form of mindfulness that you could do that didn’t interfere with your busy life? That actually made a difference in how you felt every day?

What if you could have your sanity and your time back?

Good news is now you can! I’m sharing with you my top 10 easy busy mom packs for mindfulness.

1. get up before your kids 

2. keep your phone off until you’re ready to work for the day

3. set a timer on your phone for how long you want to scroll on social media

4. meditate for at least 15 minutes every day. Bonus, this can even be done in the car pick up line. Ask me how I know, because I know 🙂

5. Work on a schedule that works for you. If you’re an early riser get up early, if you’re a night owl do things at night to make your next day more productive

6. Plan plan plan. Meals schedules childcare planning to fail? Oh no you’re not plan that schedule

7. Get at least an hour of self-care solo each week

8.Remember to treat yourself well. Talk nice to yourself. Love yourself

9. Some days will be better than others, it’s the days when things don’t go so great and you give yourself Grace that makes a difference in the days that do go great

10.Life is quick, short, moves faster than we’d like. But what if we enjoyed every second of it?

If you need more busy mom tips be sure to check out The Mama Vault for our Take Your Day Back Challenge specifically designed to help busy Moms just like you THRIVE in their day, everyday.

PSS. Also you can check out my Growing Mamas Mind course which is only $11 because that's how much everyone needs to have it. Growing your Mind is so powerful and actually the only tool you really need to change your life. 

So, what do you say, are you up for it? 

See you Inside,

Mindset for Busy Moms

We are all busy. Every single one of us. Yet I'm biased to say Moms are even more swamped. It's because we run the house, we run the show, we cook, clean and do all the things for ourselves and our family. Plus we work! Either in or outside the home! I also run a business which I'm inclined to think makes me a little bit busier too. But this isn't about a busy badge of honor, instead its about-how I can incorporate so much into my busy lifestyle so I feel my best and love the life I live!

So, what's it for you Mama, what are your goals for everyday life for you? Do you want to live your best life every dang day? I hope so. Because you're the kind of Mom I want to lock arms with and become Mamahood besties with!  

My Top 3 things I always recommend to my newbie moms for Mindset that are FREE: 

  1. My Growing Mamas Mind Course
  2. Listen to Abraham Hicks anything mindset on YouTube
  3. Read Dr. Joe Dispenzas books. In particulate my fav is Breaking the Habit of Being yourself
  4. BONUS: Start paying attention to your actions. Your unconscious actions. For example, every free second you have do you pick up your phone. After dinner, are you always thinking of what’s for dessert? Notice where your mind goes without you thinking about it and then decide if you like where it goes or if it needs re-framing. 
The subconscious mind is on auto-pilot. It’s what helps us breathe, digest, etc. So we don’t have to consciously think of these things. It helps take care of all this for us. It’s also sneaky in that it does things we’ve allowed it to do as auto-programs. Things that don’t necessarily benefit us. And it’s our job in growing our mind to take back control and program our subconscious to work in our favor. 

So, how do we do this? The Mama Protocol is a great course I created to help Moms live and thrive in our best life. Moms who are tired of Mediocracy who want to FEEL their best. To reprogram our minds to actually serve us. So our automatic programs in our mind, actually help us! We were meant to be our best selves. To be patient, to be kind, to feel freaking fantastic. We want to break free from the judgements we put on ourselves; looking like Sally Sue on IG all dolled up, the laundry always folded as soon as it’s done. Letting go of the feeling we need to be able to do it all. All the time. That’s what society has put on us. That’s what we were taught. And yet we are succumbing to all the pressure and judgement thinking and feeling we have to keep up with everyone else. But what if we stopped. What if we pivoted and decided that no longer worked for us? What if we got quiet and grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down what we wanted in life? What if we left our phone for an afternoon? What if you got to write your own rules on what your life looked like as a Mom?

Who says you can’t? Not me. It’s time for you to break free Mama. Break free from the judgements of yourself and everyone else. I promise when you do this the freedom you will experience will be- well nothing that can be explained. It’s here for you. The Life you’ve always wanted. And on your terms. Are you ready for it?

Let’s grow your Mama Mindset together. It’s all here.

Stress Relief Activities for Spring

Do you know the number 3 cause of disease in our Country is stress? Say what?!? And stress is 100% preventable. The top causes of poor health are stress, sugar and (lack of) sleep. And all of these are preventable. So, let’s work on getting these under control ok. We want to feel better so we can LIVE more.

Today we are going to talk about stress relieving activities for Spring. We live in the frigid north so by the time Spring comes around we can’t wait to get things cleaned up from Winter and get outside. Spring is my favorite season for a multitude of reasons; my birthday is in the Spring, Winter is long in our state and we don’t get enough sunshine, plus there’s just something about those gorgeous flowers that come in in Spring. Tulips anyone? 

Spring also means we can get outside. And grounding with the Earth leaves us feeling calm and peaceful. A feeling each one of us wants more of. How can you integrate getting outside more this spring to reduce your stress level?

Move your body. Longer days mean more time for ourselves. Get outside and move your body. We’ve often been cooped up inside so it’s time to get out and enjoy the longer, sunnier day and move. Moving your body increases endorphins which makes us feel better, So, go girl go! I’ve shared before but there is a direct correlation for me when I’m feeling stressed and anxious that the more movement I  do in a day or harder movement (running, biking, HIIT, etc) the better I feel!

Eat Whole Foods. Remember what I said about over consumption of Sugar being one of the top reasons for disease? So eye opening, isn’t it? When you’re feeling extra stressed, limit your sugar intake. Sugar plays into feelings of stress and anxiousness and then our bodies crave more making it a sick circle of more and more sugar and more and more stressed feelings. Instead of eating refined sugar, try incorporating real sugar from fruits into your diet. You might notice a detox Period of when you come off the refined sugar but the added benefits I  promise will be way worth it!

Get enough sleep. When we are feeling highly stressed in might be hard to turn off our brains and sleep each night. I get it. I’ve been there. But sleep is so important to allow our body that restorative rest it needs to function for the next day and regulate our body systems. If you’re having a hard time shutting off your brain at night here’s a few suggestions on how to fall into easy, peaceful sleep! 
    1. Read a book before bed
    2. Limit screen time (tv and phone 30 minutes before bed)
    3. Take a bath before bed. I love to take an epsom salt bath with my favorite essential oils
        4. Listen to a meditation of guided sleep

And last but certainly not least, one of my favorite things to incorporate into my life that have made a HUGE difference in my stress and anxiety level is….Meditation. There are tons of guided meditations out there that you can use on YouTube but some of my favorites are those my Abraham Hicks and Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

What are some of your go-to tips for relieving stress? I’d love to hear them below and share with my Mama Community after all, we are all in this together. We want to feel better so we can LIVE more.

All of us Mamas gotta stick together, we are all in this together and it takes a community to raise our babies and ourselves. Remember to treat yourself well!

XO, Jess

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