Freedom is all something we think about often...right? What pops into your Mind when you think of Freedom?

⭐️For me, it is Time Freedom. I want to be able to do what I want when I want. I want to be able to take make boys to the Zoo in the middle of the week. I want to be able to book a trip just because the Weather is AWFUL in Michigan and we need to see the Sun. I want to pay off our Student Loan Debt so we don't have that financial burden. I want to order pizza and when the high school delivery kid comes to the door, I want to give him a $100 tip.

⭐️Since I started my Young Living business 3 years ago, I've had so many realizations in life. The first one being, that sharing about how much Essential Oils have totally changed my life is SO Rewarding. How rewarding? Well, we had some incredible vacations planned in 2020 that have since been postponed but look out 2021. My business was helping cover a lot of these trips ✈️

⭐️This business is simple but hard work. Here’s the thing, I probably work just as hard as someone who owns a brick and mortar or Etsy business, but my business offers generational income. Yep, that means my great great great great grandkids and beyond will have this income. If that’s not worth your time in working for, I don’t know what is. Does what you’re spending your time on give your family that?

⭐️What does freedom mean to you?

If you’re curious about the Income Potential please see the income disclosure statement here


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