September Oil of the Month!

💦 September Oil of the Month 💦

Inspiration Essential Oil

Summer is over and it's time to move into fall. The weather is changing and you feel a stirring. A restlessness. As the leaves begin to fall from the trees, you long for something similar to happen in you. To shed the past, the old ways of thinking, the patterns that haven't served you. To begin preparing for a season of gratitude, hope, and generosity. You need to both inspire and be inspired in your life, work, home, and relationships. 

Take some time to reflect as you look back on the first 2/3 of this year. What is working? What needs changing? Which habits and priorities could be shed for those that would serve you better? How can you live and work from a place of creativity and joy as you wrap up 2019? 

One tool to help you in this process is this beautiful blend. While our oils certainly won't do the spiritual and mental work for us, what they do is trigger our body to be open to change. They signal our physical senses and say, "It is safe to unfold here. Safe to shift. Safe to be seen." Just as the smell of home-baked cookies or pot roast might signal the presence of a loved one providing for your needs, or the scent of flowers that surrounded a beloved place signal a space to be carefree and childlike, our oils signal our body with similar responses. Bypassing all of our mental head games and defenses and simply saying, "Go for it. We've got you. Engaging ability to grow and expand."

This powerful blend includes:

  • Cedarwood: High in sesquiterpenes (look that big word up for all the amazing benefits). This oil stimulates the limbic system which triggers our emotional and memory center. A powerful tool for resetting old ruts and pathways and helping us to find new patterns.

Spruce: Assists in opening emotional blocks to foster a sense of balance and grounding, helping us to evaluate from a perspective of strength and purpose.

Myrtle: An aroma that is both energizing and elevating, helping us to express rather than repress our desire to live life fully.

Coriander: Thought to unfreeze rigidity toward life and love, this oil has been used for spicing up the routine and promoting creativity.

Sandalwood: Also high in sesquiterpenes, this oil is highly beneficial for the skin, used for relaxation and prayer, and can emotionally assist us in processing and releasing fear and dread so we can move forward in faith and power.

Frankincense: Considered precious for many centuries, this is the oil of healing, cellular regeneration, and grounding. 

Bergamot: Uplifting and balancing to the emotions, this citrus is a favorite for fighting listlessness and sadness, helping our bodies to process hope just as readily!

Spikenard: The priceless oil used on Jesus Christ when Mary anointed his feet, this oil stimulates the limbic system to release memories. May help with relaxation and nervous tendencies.

Vetiver: Soothes the frazzled mind and brain, allowing clear thinking and a reduction of stress and worry. A calm and clear brain is better prepared to look toward the future!

Ylang Ylang: Balances energy bringing emotional stability and evenness.

Geranium: Relaxing and calming, this oil can help us to release people-pleasing tendencies and focus instead on offering our best in freedom.

Diffuse, wear on the wrists or over the heart, on diffuser jewelry, or just breathe from your palms! Keep it simple!

How do you use the Oil of the Month with us?

  • Make sure you have the current month's oil. Add it to your next order if you don’t have it!
  • Set a reminder on your phone or calendar to use this oil daily.
  • Enjoy your results!

Do you use and love this oil? Are you ready to be inspired? Get started today!


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