Let's talk finding ourselves after having babies. It can be hard to remember who the person we were before kids. And actually I'll venture to say I'll never be that person again, nor do I  want to be. The minute that put my first baby Tyler on my chest, there was no going back. Motherhood changes you and my goodness for the better. 

Since my kids are older and don't need me quite as much I've had this longing for really defining who I am and what I  like. What do I  want to do. And more so, reflecting on how I  look and feel about myself. I  nursed Connor for 18ish months. And i  loved every second of it. But, my body holds onto extra weight to be sure I  always have enough milk for my babe. And I'm grateful for that. But, I  also wanted to lose these last 10 (READ 15 pounds). 

I'm a huge proponent of Whole30. It's my fav way to get healthy. To nourish my body with whole read food. And truth is when I  do it I  feel really fricken good. But, this summer I  felt a calling to something else. So I  found this really cool girl named Nicki on IG and she's a Faster Way To Fat Loss Coach. She's a Mom of two so naturally we connected. I  love the concept of the program and decided  why the heck not!

Turns out I'm loving it so much I decided to join up with their membership side of the program! I  look and feel amazing! Here's what I  now know. I  love to work out but had this mentality that carbs were bad and so I  wasn't eating many. And guess what, my body especially when I'm working out, need carbs. Who would've thought? I  just needed more carbs and by more I  mean more of the right carbs. Faster Way is new out there but guess what, I've tried it and I fricken approve. If you're searching to get fit, lose some weight or heck just feel better, click my link below, we can do it together!

Heart and Grace,


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