New Years Rituals
What are your New Years Eve Rituals? Do you do the same thing every year? It's great because New Years Traditions can be ever-flowing at least in my mind they don't necessarily need to be the same every year like I  feel like Christmas traditions at least :)

Today I'm sharing with you my New Year's tradition with my husband Nick that started a few years back!

In 2018, Nick and I  put our marriage on the front burner know after kids especially when the kids are little marriage is often times (at least in our case) further down on the totem pole. We both realized, we wanted our marriage to be first and boy when we made this change did it sure light our lives up! More on that later, back to our New Years ritual :) 

Every New Year's Eve, we have champagne and hang normally at home although sometimes we frequent to friends houses for yummy food and fabulous fireworks (NYE 2019). But regardless of our plans, we always sit together usually in bed and pull out our goals we created for each other, ourselves and our family from teh previous year (these goals are hand written and sit in our safe all year long). I keep them on my phone too just to refer back to. Then when we dig them out on NYE we reflect on what our goals were; how we did, what we didn't do, how we could've done better etc. And then we have a deep conversation about our wants, needs and desires for the coming year; separately, together and for our family. 

It's super special. It's actually something I  really crave and enjoy. We are both very goal driven individuals and so we find it fun to write these down each year. Plus did you know goals are 80% more likely to come to fruition when you right them down. Yeah, so next time you have a goal, be sure to write it down!

What are your New Years Plans?

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