I am the mother of two incredible little boys; Tyler and Connor. You could say I’m pretty obsessed with them! I am pretty sure most of the moms or parents out there are as well with their own kids. We all want what is best for our kids. WE want them happy, healthy and safe. We want them to grow up and be incredible people. But I’m not convinced that our conventional society wants the same.

I want to start by saying the only opinion that matters here, is you as the parent; you are the only who is responsible for your children. Not your friends, parents, pediatrician or the media. You were chosen to be their Mom so your Mom gut is never wrong. Please don't let anyone ever convince you otherwise.

Before I had my oldest, I was a normal person that just went to do her groceries and chose the things I bought based on price, my mood and my needs. I did not read labels, I did not spend hours in a row googling ingredients or reading studies and articles. I did now know the power of a Toxin Free Home. Well, once I had my Son, everything changed. It started with something small, like an unexplained rash that sent me on a deep dive into research. And then, I had a miscarriage while trying for a second baby. And the first thing that comes up when you google miscarriage is Toxic Products you’re exposed to. I was floored. There weren’t toxic products in my home…or so I thought.

I then realized the laundry detergent we had been using (Dreft) actually had a fake “baby label”. It said it was for babies, it had a baby picture on the package and it even said it was pediatrician recommended! Once I started the research, I found these ingredients:
polyethylene glycol 4000 (which Skin Deep scores as 5-8)
And about a dozen other ingredients that make up the “gentle” clean of Dreft.  EWG (Environmental Working Group) score: D-F, depending on the formula.

Laundry detergent was the first in line. After this, it all turned into a snowball that kept rolling and getting bigger and bigger. Diapers with bleach in them, baby wipes with more than 5 chemicals as ingredients, baby formula containing ingredients that can result in brain damage, body wash with more chemicals and fragrances than you could count, body lotions with artificial colorants and half a page of chemical ingredients, you name it!

Since when are these things good for babies? Actually, since when should ANYONE, be allowed to say these things are good for babies or any people of any age?!?!
As a new parent, that didn’t have much contact with babies before I had my own. All these things hit me right in my face and left me mad. So so mad. If there’s one thing I know about being a Mom, we protect our babies with all we have. And I was failing at doing this. I know I am not the only new parent out there who thought someone was responsible enough not to allow companies put life-threatening chemicals in products that go on babies.

I also know that not all parents get to stumble upon all the information I did. Something should obviously be done on a higher, bureaucratic level, but an angry blogger like me can’t do it. What I can do though is inform as many people as I can about how they should keep an eye on their baby’s health. So, that’s what I’m doing. That’s my mission Mama. I’m here to help. If you want to know what’s lurking in your baby products check out my freebie class so you can empower yourself with the tools to make any changes you might need to make here.

Cleanout and organize.
Throw away all the “baby” products that have chemicals in them. 
Ditch your Toxic Cleaner. Toxic Free Cleaning and specifically toxic free cleaner is the best way to clean your whole home. In fact, we use the same cleaner to clean our floors, to windows to toilets. How’s that for minimalism?

Read the labels.
I cannot stress enough how important this step is. I became a label freak ever since I had my boys and not just when it comes to products that I buy for them, but for the rest of the family as well. If you don’t have this habit, you will be amazed by how much CRAP goes into food, care products, even the ones that are labeled for babies + kids.

Do your research.
If you read a label and it seems like you are reading a foreign language, it’s probably not a good sign, but just to make sure, put google to good use and search the ingredients. There is so much information out there from official sites that will clear out any doubt you might have about an ingredient.

Consider your Budget
A lot of people think that making natural, healthy choices will be more expensive. Well, that’s simply not true. Invest in your health now or you’ll invest in your sickness later is a phrase I’ve heard over and over again and I’m on a mission to share affordable toxic free home products for all. So, we can be healthy throughout our abundant life for many many years to come!

Always ask the questions you have on your heart Mama, you know best!
Most companies are making products with one big main purpose: MONEY. They will not bother telling you there is a better choice out there than their product because they want you to buy it! Be smart and think ahead of them, do your homework and know what you put in your shopping cart.
Make your own

 My website is chocked full with DIY make your own recipes for everything or if that’s not your thing you can try a single line of products we use that’s delivered right to your door (this is usually the option I choose).

I compiled a list where parents can find good resources when looking for natural products for their babies:
It’s a wild world out there and unfortunately, many times it is run by MONEY, not by compassion and definitely not by having people’s best interest at heart. So be the one who is smart enough to unmask all the horrible things some companies are doing. Be the one who stands out from the crowd and chooses something better for their kids. Because every purchase we make is a vote towards their future. Vote with your dollars friends, don’t allow these big companies to continue to harm our babies.
What are your opinions on the subject? What kind of products do you use for your baby? Are you seeking for a toxin free home? Have you ever been tricked into buying something you thought was good for your baby?



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