In today’s world, there are so many pressures we all have on ourselves. And then you add in motherhood, and you’ll find a whole new set of pressures that society places on you, your family places on you, and unfortunately we as moms even place on ourselves. It’s called mom guilt and it’s been passed on to us for generations and generations. We’ve been taught to do anything and everything for our family to make them happy and healthy all while keep our house functioning in tiptop shape, all while working full-time, cooking yummy healthy meals, and looking good, feeling good, and keeping up with the Joneses.

With all of these responsibilities that the modern mom has on her self it’s no wonder so many of us wake up and we don’t know who we are anymore. I think it’s about darn time we change that. So in this blog we’re going to talk about loving ourselves again, finding time for ourselves again or rather making time for ourselves again And when we look at that mirror we’re gonna stand proud and love who we look at. Because here’s the thing, life is so dang short to spend any second doing anything that doesn’t bring us joy and that includes loving ourselves again. When we look at ourselves we should love ourselves and so I’m gonna give you tips to get you back to loving yourself again.

1. What brings you joy! Seriously, sit down and think about that. What brings you joy? Not as a mom, not as a wife, not as a business owner, or career woman, but you just you. Write it down journal about that. when you get that figured out, incorporate more of that into your daily or weekly life, whatever your schedule allows.

2. Spend some time each day for you. Even if it’s just five minutes. The only stipulation I have for you and this is that this time however long you have to give to yourself each day must be just for you. That means, no kids in the room, no time on your phone, no reading an email, no cooking dinner, no time in the car running an errand, no shower. This is time, just for you sitting and doing nothing but just feeling and listening to your inner voice. It’s called your higher self and she’s a bad ass mom who is guiding and leading you on this incredible life of yours and as a busy mom. We hardly have any time to connect with her. So that’s what this quiet alone time I was going to do for us every day. You're going to feel great because you've had a few minutes to yourself and able to hear yourself think and feel and that’s exactly what you need to do to start the journey on loving you again.

3. This is a tip you might not love, but I’m gonna share with you anyways... get up in the morning before your kids. In fact I’d say a minimum of an hour at least but ideally two before your kids wake up. Let me set the stage for you; you have an hour or two every morning by yourself to do what you want to do! You can work out, you can meditate, you can shower, you can get dressed you can have a hot cup of coffee. And when you start your day by filling your cup first,  your whole day will thrive. Try it, Dare you!

4. Move your body. Every day. It can be super intense running or a hit class or yoga or even dance party in the kitchen with your kids. Whatever movement is to you do it at least 30 minutes a day. This is so pivotal because it allows your brain to release endorphins which help you feel good. And when you feel good you look good and when you look good and feel good you start to love yourself again.

5. Last tip, Join me in the take your day back challenge, specifically created for busy moms Who don’t know who they are when they look in the mirror, who never have time for themselves, who want and need to take care of themselves but aren’t sure where to start. This  challenge will take you from overwhelmed to thriving and just 21 days. and it’s all for you mama find it here.


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