It’s no secret that as a mom we wear many hats every day. And it’s no secret that one wish we all have as a Mom is that we had more time in our everyday. But, I am about to share a few things that will revolutionize your morning and set you up for a better day, instead of feeling overwhelmed in your day in motherhood you’ll thrive in your day in motherhood because you'll have more time. Finally. Follow along mama, this is a good one.....

So you’ve heard it all before and that successful people wake up before everybody else. This is no exception. Just imagine you wake up an hour or two before your kids, the house is quiet, you drink hot coffee (is this even a thing anymore)? When was the last time you had coffee (that you didn’t reheat five times throughout the day)? There is no yelling or screaming or fighting or somebody saying Mama, MOOOOOM, or babe (that’s what my husband says to me when he needs me). Instead the house is super quiet and I'm the only one awake and there’s this calm peaceful feeling about the morning. 

When you get up early in the morning you have the ability to spend some time with yourself thinking, listening and feeling all of the things that you want to feel that you won’t feel throughout the rest of your day when your kids and your family are awake. Getting up before everyone in your house every day, will revolutionize your morning and your whole day. So many moms need more time in the day;  to do the things they want to do or frankly just finish your their to do list, or just be present with your kids. Well let me do the math on this for you and what happens exactly when you get up two hours a day earlier than the rest of your family.

Here's the math so you can decide if getting up early is right for you: 

When people say “omg you get up so early” that’s the point...and here’s why: 

Waking up Early Benefits:
*No interruptions. No kids yelling. No texts or phone calls

*Extra 2 hours a day= 14 hrs a week
728 extra hours a year = 30 days per year to get it all done 

*Waking up early is the secret to the most successful people in the world 
* Builds discipline
* Get work done
* Build momentum for the day 
*Mental Mindset Edge over others 

Are you shocked to learn you’ll get 30 extra days per year? That’s a whole month y’all. How does that make you feel about getting up two hours before your family?

Ok, so by now I hope you know the power and getting up two hours before your family in fact I dare you to try it just for two weeks and see how you feel. Here’s an easy way to get up early without totally shocking your body and system here’s my tips on how to implement it into your life starting today

Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than you would normally get up tomorrow morning, do this for three days. So for example I normally get up at seven for the next three days I’m gonna wake up at 6:45.

Then on the fourth day I’m going to set my alarm for 6:30, and for the following two days so three in total I’m gonna get up at 6:30.

On the seventh day I’m going to set my alarm for 6:15 and enjoy getting up at 6:15 for the next three days and so on and so forth. 

So you’re slowly working your body and time until you reach your ideal wake up time whatever that is for you and your family. I really recommend two hours before your family wakes up, but some of you might just be wanting to start with an hour day. And using the system I outlined above, is a great way to ease your body into it, feel less intimidating and allow you to implement the benefits of getting up early to your morning routine. 

So now that I’ve broken it down for you, tell me what are you most excited to experience in the quiet morning hours for yourself? For me, it’s mediation. Always meditation. 


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