Denver. Ever been there? It’s one of the hottest cities and growing in the US. I love Denver. It might have something to do with my baby sister living there but I’ve quickly grown to see why it’s one of the hottest cities in the US right now. I’m gonna break it down for you on what you wanna do when you’re in Denver;  where to eat, where to shop, where to take your kids, and even a few fun places where you might want to live or invest if that’s your thing in the next hottest place to live

There are still some up-and-coming areas in Denver but a lot of the city is growing and growing fast and furiously. One of the not so great things if you are living in Denver or want to move to Denver is the cost of living. See above when I said it’s one of the hottest guy in cities in the US, well of course that comes with a price tag.  And I suppose that price tag passes along to those who visit Denver for travel arrangements although we've never cared or noticed becuase we stay with my  sister who lives in Denver. She's lived there for many years and knows all the great spots and family friendly areas. 

Given the state of the world right now, traveling domestically,  there’s never been a better time and so Denver is one of the most family-friendly cities, some of the best food I’ve ever had and great shopping! We just visited less than 2 weeks ago, a ski trip so we were also in Winter Park, Colorado but we made a quick stop in Denver...well because its one of our fav cities so heres the recap: 

So, let’s get into it. As I’m writing this my kids are five into and these are activities we’ve done from when they were zero up until five. And these are restaurants we’ve eaten that, places we’ve loved, and shopping I just can’t get enough of. If you’re looking for a family friendly destinations where you can walk pretty much anywhere, fantastic weather just about all your round, fun fact, did you know the sun shines in Denver 300 days a year?!? Wow, I’m here for that!

Also fun fact; the temperature when the sun is out feels so much warmer, due to the elevation in Denver because you’re closer to the sun. So for those of you that loves warm weather and sunshine like me Denver will quickly become one of your favorite places to visit.

Restaurants: Honestly this list could be miles long but these are our top favs:

Angelos- The Best Oysters + Pizza

Linger- Global Small Plates (this used to be an old mortuary, it now has a super cool vibe + outdoor rooftop seating)

Snooze- Fab Breakfast Place

Dairy block- This is an area within Denver. Great restaurants. Shopping. Boutique Shopping Trucks, A FAB outdoor seating area for hanging out, brick paver walkways and is just so dreamy.

Urban farmer- Steakhouse. We were there for brunch and they had the best Bloody Mary's. Complete with a Bloody Mary Charcuterie Board so you could flavor your own up. To Die For.

Lik's Ice Cream- Ice Cream

VooDoo Donuts- Seriously the best donuts. Ever. So many different kinds + unique names. Definitely eclectic atmosphere. 

Kid Friendly Places to Visit:

Denver Zoo-We took our oldest when he was around 2. It was awful hot but goodness it was fun! They have a fantastic African animal section.

Butterfly PavilionA little outside of Denver but so fun. It was incredible to have butterflies landing all over you!

Union Station- Such a cool place to walk around where the train comes in and out. Filled with lots of shops and food!

Denver Botanic GardensGreat place to walk around and explore and let the kids run off some energy. Beautiful exhibits, gardens, and fish. 

Denver AquariumWe whipped through here pretty quickly but it was so fun to see all the fish and animals. We even got to take our pic with a porcupine. Talk about exciting!

City Park- We love City Park, it's a great place to walk and view and really close to the Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature and Science plus some great views of the city.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science- Explore Cosmos, gems and minerals along with a T-Rex sculpture.

Childrens Museum in Denver-Lots of interactive exhibits and special events happen which is sure to keep all the kids engaged!

Visiting Places just outside of Denver

Red Rocks Amphitheater- while they have some dynamite events here its also a tourist destination. Go and check out the amazing views or do a stair workout sure to challenge your legs! 

Drive up Mt Evans- The day we did this they closed the second half of the road so we never made it to the top but gorgeous views for sure 

Boulder- This is a great College down in the valley, it includes gorgeous mountain views along with great food + shopping. 

Now for the SHOPPING!

Cherry Creek Mall- If you want to shop at a mall, Cherry Creek is for you. Beautiful inside and out and filled with all the stores a girl needs!

Dairy Block- This is an area within Denver. Great restaurants. Shopping. Boutique Shopping Trucks, A FAB outdoor seating area for hanging out, brick paver walkways and is just so dreamy.

Larimer Square- Historic area that captures both urban and historical feeling of Denver. 

Highlands Square- More laid back shopping with funky gifts but great shops to find some one of a kind gifts!

South Broadway Shopping- Referred to as richest shopping on this side of the Mississippi. Customer Service is king here. If you wanted to be waited on and treated like the queen you are, this is for you!

And lastly let's talk about some of the hottest areas in Denver if you're looking to move or invest in a place there. 

1. Holly Hills offers prime real estate close to downtown light rail, shopping, highline canal and many other retail areas.
2. Cherry Creek (really close to really great shopping at Cherry Creek mall)
3. Superior- Gives a suburban vibe
4. North Hill Park- Great Place to raise a family 
5. Inverness- Neighborhood Security Guard and everyone is very friendly


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