Let’s talk growing your social media and leveraging the weekly curated post examples I  created specifically for Momtrepeneurs who are growing a thriving business using social media. I built my first business,  using only social media and took my following from 0 to 68,000 followers in six months and built an income of $5k a month in 6 months. It was a lot of work, and it left me feeling overwhelmed and burn out, when it was all said and done. Since then, I’ve spent time working with business owners who message me daily on how to replicate the success in their for ideal clients and customer following who actually buy like I have built for myself.

Relevance is one of the types of posts I recommend and dish all about in my course called Modern Social Mama made specifically for Mamas who are running businesses, or momtrepeneurs, a.k.a. super moms. Relevant posts are posts that are important to curate into your weekly posting schedule. Think of a relevant posts like your holiday post, so Christmas Valentine’s Day Easter etc. you get the point. You want your people to know that you’re staying relevant meaning that your posts are curated in a real-time basis.  You want your people to know that you’re here- right now for them- and a great way to do that is through a relevant post.  Another example of a relevant post would be, something that’s going on in the world so you’re praying for a certain country that just had storms that ran through or a certain leader in our country or whatever that’s another way you can stay relevant.

A Relevant post again allow your reader to say oh she’s here she’s paying attention in the world- it allows them to see and because its true That I can count on to give me knowledge and that’s exactly the gold we want to see, friends!

Another reason why this is so cool is it’s an easy thing for you to include in your weekly content. Because there’s almost something in relevant each and every week so you don’t have to rack your brain on what to give people to be relevant.

When you’re curating your weekly schedule for posting, or should I actually recommend you do a month at a time, if you’re in my Modern Social Mama, which you should be if you’re trying to build a business on social media and you want to track your ideal clients and customers so you can live your dream life and use social media to cash those checks and then it’s for you. The Modern Social Mama is using social media for three hours a week or less to dynamically up level your business. I teach you what to post, by getting you a 14 different examples of weekly try to contact you should cycle through to reach your ideal audience. This is all customized to you using your voice and your words so that your ideal client sees it and hears it and connects with you. Social media is a great while you to build relationships, and therefore your business. Because I’m a firm believer in whatever business you’re in you need to build relationships for it. This is how brands and influencers build a community and an audience that no matter what they’re selling their community buys it and that’s exactly friends what I teach you in the Modern Social Mama.

There are many calendars out there that are free to you that give you relevant days, if you know what I’m talking about it’s those days like happy dog day or International Ice Cream Day, etc. Those are days I never knew existed I’m tell me the social media :-) but in order to stay relevant you can leverage one of these calendars and incorporate these posts into your curated schedule.

If you need more inspiration and help on growing a thriving business leveraging social media all without the overwhelming burn out of all the ins and outs of social media be sure to join The Modern Social Mama, where I break down exactly how to do social media in a way that puts money in your pocket where you’re creating relationships with your ideal client all while mastering social media in less than three hours a week. You can find it here.


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