Mom life where else can you say a word that means so many things?

Mom means caretaker, doer of all the things, taking care of everyone else, chef,  chauffeur, kisser of all the boo boos and pretty much everything else. 

Mom life is Incredible, amazing, terrifying, emotional and pretty much every other feeling in the whole wide world.

It’s also pretty much the best job there is. But here in this world right now in this connectedness that we have there is no better time to be living the best mom life than right freaking now.

Are you ready to live your best mom life?

What are you waiting for?

Do you need a community of moms who love and support you in this incredible yet terrifying journey of  Motherhood? Oh and I forgot one really valid and important point, moms who don’t judge you.

I’m talking moms who if you let your kids eat cake for breakfast no big deal or if you let your five kids sleep in bed with you, no big deal. Do you need this kind of support?

Because in this world, right now what I know we all need more of is understanding of each other. If we all came together and just love to one another how incredible with the world be?

When I became a mom, I was bombarded with all of the things that I should do say buy yeah when I had questions or disagreed with something I read online there was nobody there to say that’s OK you’re allowed to have those feelings instead it was more like I was belittled for believing differently than somebody else or raising my kids differently than somebody else. 

It left me feeling despaired upset and disappointed that this is the world that my child will grow up in

And frankly I decide to do something about it, so I created this incredible group call the Unjudged motherhood project It’s a place were all moms can come and feel the love and support of whatever they need. Where we don’t judge. Because we haven’t walked in your shoes. We have no idea what’s brought you to where you are today. But we know you need love and you need support.

And if there’s anybody that can do that it’s moms. Because mom life is the best life. And if us moms began to love each other like we love our children the world would be an incredible place. And, what would we teach our children? How to love everyone too. And I’m up for a world like that to raise my babies in, how about you?

You can find this empowering group here. 


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