How to do a Motherhood Mindset Detox

Trying to maintain a positive mindset when dealing with work, kids, home, and everything else in the universe seems nearly impossible - and sometimes it is. It’s hard to maintain yourself when you’re being pulled in every direction, which is pretty much every day when you’re a mom!

Add in social media, news outlets, podcasts, and blogs and you now have mental overload! All that information overload and ‘noise’ is the perfect mixture to overcome all the hard work you’ve put into keeping a positive mindset… Meaning you’ll need to take a moment and do a motherhood mindset detox!

You need to take a step back and re-evaluate your mindset and how you’re maintaining your mindset, and here’s how you’re going to do it:

Schedule time to rest & reset…

There’s that word again, “schedule” - I know that with our lives as busy moms it seems nearly impossible to create and stick to a schedule, but truly it’s just about setting an adaptable schedule and managing our time properly. Part of this means scheduling out time for our fried mom-brains and bodies to rest!

Take this time to do something brain-numbing (in a good way!) like doing a crossword, reading a good book - I highly recommend The Beautiful No by Sheri Salata - or doing a brain dump in your journal or planner.

Go to your ‘happy place’...

While it might sound a little cheesy, I can promise that it actually works! Your happy place can be either a mental space you create for a quick retreat when you’re close to being overwhelmed by thoughts, actions, or emotions or a physical space. I have one of each as it’s much easier for me to take a minute or two in my mental ‘happy space’ standing in the kitchen than taking a hike or adventuring too far outdoors.

Whenever your thoughts begin to turn negative, go to your happy place for a quick mindset reset.

Empty your brain aka brain dump…

Keeping a cluttered brain is keeping you one step closer to a negative mindset. The best way to solve this is by doing a brain dump. A brain dump is essentially taking a moment and writing down everything in your brain - whether it makes sense or not. 

Brain dumps are great ways to show what you have on your mind and what is worrying you that you didn’t realize. Honestly, you should create a habit of doing a brian dump once per day! Doing one a little bit before day can help you clear your mind and get a better night’s sleep too.

Stop multitasking…

Did you know that multitasking is actually bad for your productivity and mindset? Multitasking causes you to be less efficient as you’re trying to focus on too many tasks at once and the same process applies to your mind. When you try and think about too many things at one, you become overwhelmed and tend to struggle to find solutions. 

Try to focus on only one thing at a time and ignore passing thoughts (or write them down to re-think about later) instead of adding them on your plate at that exact moment.

Reduce negativity & noise...

We’re often influenced by what we see around us, especially on social media or in the news - which is sadly filled with a lot of negativity rather than positivity. 

Try to limit your time on social media and have ‘off’ days where you try not to turn on the TV or pick up your phone to kill time. There’s a reason why I even say you only have to spend three hours per week to grow your business on social media rather than spending your whole day online!

The Mindset Detox for Moms

Being a mom means that we’re homework helpers, house cleaners, cooks, business women, and more but that doesn’t mean that we have a magical ability that keeps our brains organized and our mindsets positive. It takes a little extra effort on our end, but it’s always worth it!

Still, taking care of ourselves goes beyond detoxifying our minds, but also our bodies. You can learn how to detoxify your body (and your kid’s bodies) by watching my quick video here.


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