Did you know that your mindset might be hurting you rather than helping you? Your mindset is key to manifesting your dreams and accomplishing your goals - but what happens when your mindset is working against you? It might be time for a mama mindset makeover.

A mama mindset makeover is exactly what it sounds like: a mom making over or redoing their mindset. As moms, it’s easy to get into bad habits that kill our mindset. This might be letting the little things get to us and falling out of our mom poweror maybe it’s skipping self-care because you’re feeling mom-guiltWhen you find yourself falling into these habits more often than not, it’s time for a mama mindset makeover.

Still not sure? Here are three signs it’s time for a mama mindset makeover:

#1: You’re finding yourself becoming overwhelmed and frustrated frequently - even when you don’t know why

You’re going to have moments as a mom that are going to drive you INSANE. It’s normal, it’s expected, we’re human. It’s when you’re finding yourself becoming overwhelmed and frustrated so much that you feel like you’re losing yourself or control over your emotions. 

This is a big sign that you need a mindset makeover. You won’t lose these feelings overnight, but it’s a step towards understanding why you feel this way and what to do next. Frustration and overwhelm stem from unmet needs between you and your child, your own self, and how you operate day to day.


Make a change by changing the rulesBreak the expectations and make rules (or break rules) that make you feel good and serve your family rather than tradition or expectations. You’ll find yourself feeling more free rather than frustrated once you have a ruleset and parenting style that works for you.

#2: You’re losing your confidence and struggling to find - and stay in - your mom power

Maybe you don’t feel confident in your mom-bod or you can’t find anything that makes you feel like “yea. I’m a badass mom.” Or even worse, you find something that does, but the feeling lasts two seconds until your kids break a family heirloom and it’s all gone. 

It happens, but it doesn’t have to! You can stay in your mom power and make it through those moments, you just have to train your mind to stay there. 


Make a change by identifying and amplifying your mom power. Learn how to recognize when you’re feeling like a badass and what to do to stay there even when life gets messy. This can stem anywhere from a bath, sex, getting your nails done, reading a good book, or just a pair a jeans that fit right. 

#3: You don’t consider yourself a person anymore

When you’re making decisions, what’s your thought process? Mine used to be centered around what it could or would do for my family. I always thought about what they needed, wanted, or dreamed first. And, while that’s an okay way to live, it will send a mom into burnout and quick.

While you want what’s best for your family, you have to also remember that you too are a part of said family. That your decisions should also positively impact YOU and that you’re allowed to make decisions that benefit just YOU too.


You’re going to need to completely retrain your mind and rediscover yourself and your confidence. I highly recommend that you listen to Episode Three of The Mom Movement and listen to the five steps I follow to manifest and attract my dreams - and if you’d like to work on your mindset and manifestation 1:1, shoot me a DM on Instagram @jessciadoman_ and share your why and how you’re feeling.


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