Okay mama, there’s a 90% chance (*ahem* most likely higher, but we’re going to give the benefit of the doubt) that you’ve heard one of these phrases:

“Your only wearing makeup for him.”

“Who are you dressing up to impress?”

“Why do you need your nails done? You don’t have anyone to impress.”

“You would look so much better if you _____”

“Why are you always so extra and overdressed?”

“Can’t you take it down a notch?”

If you haven’t heard one of them, you’ve probably at least heard one pretty much assuming that you’re dressing (or acting) to impress someone else - because there’s NO WAY you’re doing it for yourself. Which, let me tell you, is complete and utter bullshit.

I Dress-up And Do Make-up Because it Makes ME Feel Good

I won’t lie, I love it when my husband compliments me - honest compliments are meant to feel good. But I’m dressing up because I like to. I like the way my butt looks in these jeans, how my hair looks curled, and even how my nails look after a fresh mani-pedi combo. I also feel like a frickin’ badass mama afterward too.

When others try and provide an outside reason for us to do the things we love it can knock down our confidence and make us second guess ourselves. We start thinking “Am I only doing this for my husband?” or maybe “Am I allowed to keep this up now that I’m a mom?”

Only Answer: HELL YES. 

It’s All About You. Your Confidence, Your Mindset - Just YOU.

There are sooo many things that like to try and hold us back as women, as moms. We deal with the mom-guilt, the holding ourselves back, trying to be who our family wants us to be. We forget to be ourselves, to express ourselves how we want, to dress how we want, to share our opinions. 

It’s time to sit back and build that confidence - secure yourself in your mindset. I talk a lot about discovering and staying in your mom power on the mom movement podcast, but it’s because you can become unstoppable in your mom power.

Being That Confident Mama

I understand - confidence doesn’t happen overnight, but you CAN start creating a better mindset with only a few minutes a day. Here are a few things that I suggest doing when you feel like you need a confidence boost, or just want to build better confidence in general:

  • Practice gratitude. Staying in the frequency of gratitude will not only help you appreciate what you already have but allow you to accept and appreciate your manifestations and attract confidence in your daily life.

  • Have a mindset makeover. You might be feeling unaligned with your goals - or expectations - and not know where to begin. A mindset makeover could be just what you need to get started!

  • Say fuck yes. Take the leap and actually say yes to accomplishing or get started on accomplishing one of your dreams. When you realize that it is doable and within reach, your confidence will start blooming!

Need a little help getting started? DM me on Instagram and I’ll start the conversation! 


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