I’m living the dream. While not without its hardships - especially in the beginning - my business activates the fuck out of me. I get to pack up and leave and go on vacation with my husband or children whenever I want. I have the freedom to unpack and enjoy - all because I’ve built a business that generates passive income.

My active offers are there because I have the passion to serve, to help moms do what I do, to be comfortable and confident in their business to build to that six-figure mark. My passive offers are there for when I need a break, a moment, to enjoy life and come back to my business better than before. 

I’m not going to say that I do this alone, that would be a lie. I have an amazing team including a blog manager and Pinterest Marketer, a social media manager, an engagement assistant. But, I write all my own copy, develop my programs, emails, etc. It’s all about doing what activates you in your business!

Doing What Activates Me in My Business - And How it Makes Me Successful

Since I’m not always IN every aspect of my business, I don’t get burnt out. I stay activated, I stay turned on when working. My ideas are more creative, I’ve tapped, tunned, turned on, and thriving. 

This is why I launched an incredible offer that actives my soul and teaches clients why I make what I make and why I’m at the level I’m at - why I had my dream come true and why I live this incredible life that I’ve manifested because I have beliefs that serve me and I believe that when you go on a vacation with your children or without your children, you have the ability to reconnect. And, while it is challenging to leave your children with other people, we need time too. 

I think that we dress up to disservice to and get caught up in the monotony of the everyday. Every day at the same old car pick up/car drop off when we switch it up we do a service to ourselves and our children go with the flow - and I realized that I don’t need to stop myself from having a good time if my kids stay up later, or when they get extra sugar - they’re making memories too. 

Fun fact, my husband and I take a couples trip somewhere exotic every year, just us. We take a moment to be ourselves, not mom and dad, just Jessica and Nick… How amazing is that?

Getting Comfortable & Confident in Your Life

It’s all about staying balanced, embracing your own needs, and filling your cup too (not just your family’s). It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and establishing your own set of rules for yourself and your family.

If you’re ready to get comfortable, confident, and activated in your business, check out my biz-mama masterclass!


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