There is no perfect time to take the leap into manifestation and focus on your mindset, personal desires, and your life. It’s more of a “whenever is best for you” situation - honestly, I believe that all moms should take the leap considering how it changed my own life, but I understand that not everyone is ready for that. Still, there are a few signs you can look out for to determine if manifestation is right for you. 

#1. You’re open to your desires.

This is HUGE. When you realize that you have wants, needs, desires that you can reach out and grab, it gives you ambition. It’s easy to decide that instead of ambition, you feel mom-guilt about wanting something that’s not 100% related to your kids, but that’s a feeling we’re going to work through. You’re an amazing mama and you DESERVE to have goals, wants, and desires and to achieve them. 

#2. You’re ready to make a change.

Beyond just wanting or identifying your desires, you need to want to change how your mindset and life are functioning right now. You have to be open to making changes that are proven to attract your dream life and defeat those negative feelings. Even if you’re not there already, you need the desire to get there - to stay in your mom power, even when everything feels like it’s going to shit.

#3. You want to make the most of Motherhood.

You feel like you could be doing more, not more as in taking the kids to another football game or going on a family vacation (although I highly suggest taking one of those too), but more as in feeling more PRESENT in your day. You want to be engaged in your life as a mom instead of trudging along. As moms, we love our kids, we love spending time with them, but sometimes it’s overwhelming or we lose our sense of self. In the Moms Manifestation Academy, we cover how you need to spend time taking care of yourself to manifest your desires, and that includes making the most of motherhood.

#4. You’re tired of how tired you are.

This one kinda relates to #3, being present, staying in your mom power, identifying your exhaustion, and recognizing the path to feeling energized again. For me, manifestation changed my life. It was how I started recognizing that mentally, I was exhausted and allowed me to take the steps I need to re-energize myself. Now I love my morning rituals, expressing gratitude for my life, and just recognizing my desires and setting the path to achieving them. 


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