How to Manifest Your Dream Apartment

Whether it's because your current living space isn't giving you the level of satisfaction you feel it should, you’re longing for a change of pace, or you have big plans for your future living situation, knowing where to start as you move forward in this new stage of your life can be daunting. And it's no secret that finding the perfect apartment takes time. With a lack of affordable apartments due to skyrocketing rent prices, many renters may be feeling discouraged. But before you settle for the first place that opens up for applications, consider this: what if you could turn your dream apartment in Chicago or chic loft in New York into reality through your determination and mindset? Changing how you feel and think about apartment-hunting using the power of manifestation can help create a more positive outlook on your situation. 
To help you get started, we asked notable experts for their best advice to help apartment-hunters manifest the perfect home and finally put down roots. Read on to find out how.
Picture your “must-haves” in detail and create a list
Know exactly what you want from your dream apartment - where you want it to be, how many rooms, what kind of view, and what type of décor, fixtures, and fittings you'd like. Then, write a detailed wish list of everything you can think of. Be mindful not to write things like "I don't want it to be overlooked"; instead, write "I have privacy." When writing wish lists like this, I always write in the present tense as though I already have the thing I'm trying to manifest. If you write something like "I want…" you'll continue to want it.
Next, focus on what kind of feelings you'd like to manifest. It's essential when manifesting to not just think about the physical thing but also the feelings. The key to successful manifesting is incorporating feelings with clear intentions or desires. So, what feelings do you want to manifest? Do you want to feel comfortable, safe, secure, relaxed, or inspired? Write those on your wish list too. And finally, I would show gratitude for what you have now. Even though you may not love where you live now, it's important to focus on the things you do like, no matter how small or trivial they may seem. Gratitude puts us on a higher vibration, and that's important when manifesting anything. So, each day, write down three things you're grateful for in your current home. You can also include the neighborhood and anything else related to your home. -Hayley Kellard
Get really clear on what you'd like your amazing new space to look like by writing a "wish list" of everything you want. Include things like the location, views from the windows, what the neighbors are like, the feel of the community, local amenities, and how your space makes you feel when you're there. Then, make it visual by creating a vision board full of beautiful images representing the apartment and surrounding environment. -Coach Carly.
Honor your current space
The highest vibrating emotion is gratitude, so spend a few minutes every day feeling deep gratitude for your current home. Make a list of things you honestly appreciate about it so that you’re focusing on the positive. The more time you spend feeling positive emotions about something, the more likely it is to improve for you. Keeping your vibration high is the key to successful manifesting, so if your current living space has you feeling frustrated, that low-vibration emotion might be blocking you from attracting a better apartment. -The Queen of Manifesting
You attract the energy you put out there, so when manifesting your dream home, first try making the space you already reside in the perfect home. Decorate it as if it were your dream home, furnish it, and keep it clean. And make it the best home you can. Second, when looking for your dream home, be very specific with what it is you want to attract. Don't just journal, "I want a nice apartment." Instead, write, "I'm attracting a two bedroom, two bath, 1300 sq foot apartment with an open floor plan, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and a patio area overlooking downtown with a price tag of 'X' per month" - the more specific, the better. Lastly, be open to finding a home in a variety of ways. It doesn't have to be through some fancy apartment corporate website. It could be a contact through a friend or while you're walking down the block and find an old school for rent/for sale sign outside the home. Be open to receiving in whatever way possible. -Mary Mehrkens
When you think about manifesting your dream space, it's important first to acknowledge where you currently live, even if it hasn't been ideal. Bless your current living space. Thank it for sheltering you, as you remember the fond memories and opportunities for growth you experienced while living there. Bring love to it as you release it, and be open to receiving the right and perfect space that's waiting for you. -Shakti Sutriasa
It may sound counter-intuitive, but one of the best ways to manifest your dream apartment is to start by expressing gratitude for where you currently live. Grab your journal and spend some time writing about everything that brings you joy in your current living space. It might be hard if there are things you don't particularly like or want to change, but give it your best effort. Then, once you feel complete, write about the new apartment you're ready to welcome into your life, including as much detail as possible. -Bright Space Coaching
Set your intentions
When considering finding your perfect apartment, ensure your new space aligns with your values and priorities. Pinpoint what matters most to you in life and your environment to support your other life goals. In other words, what would make you feel happy? With the answers to those questions in mind, narrow your list to 2 to 3 values or qualities - for example, joy, energy, connection - that would make you feel happier if you honored more when it came to your home. Moving forward, use these qualities as guideposts to make decisions — particularly regarding what kind or type of home you choose. And if you're about to take an apartment that doesn't align with your top values, don't take it or revisit why you're thinking of taking it. With your "reason why" in mind, you can determine if there's another action that might be more aligned with who you are and what you want to honor when it comes to your home. -InnerBrilliance Coaching
Knowing why you want to live there is important when manifesting your dream apartment. The energy behind what you put out will help to attract what you desire faster. Often, at critical moments in life, you need more space. Why do you need a new space? Define your intention for why you want to live in your dream apartment. Do you crave more space? Are you seeking a luxurious setting? Would you like to be closer to nature? Take the time to figure out what kind of environment best supports your and your family's lifestyle and well-being. A personal example - I didn't have the money to buy an apartment or a house. But I signed the deal anyway. The reason: I manifested a house paid fully in cash in less than 13 months was because we wanted to offer the baby/child a nice place to live in. The baby was our "why." If you don't know your "why," the chances of success rapidly diminish. The "why" is even more powerful when you combine it with the power of love. -DreamMaker
Banish limiting beliefs
Choose your thoughts wisely. When manifesting your dream apartment, the first step is setting the intention to become crystal clear on what you’re calling in - now is not the time to sell yourself short with limiting beliefs and lack of mentality. Is your dream apartment in a hip, lively neighborhood full of charming restaurants and bustling nightlife? Or is it situated on the outskirts of town, surrounded by nature, oozing in calm and serenity? Does it have a balcony? A swimming pool? All manifestations begin as seeds planted in the imagination - whether you know it or not, you're manifesting all day long. The key is to focus on what you want rather than what you don't want. Your dominant thoughts and beliefs ultimately create your physical reality. -Moonshadow Healing
Keep your sights on what you want by creating a clear visualization
To manifest your dream apartment, you want to take action from a place of positive expectation rather than from a place of doubt or fear. When you act from a place of fear, people respond to the energy you're putting out, whether they realize it or not. The best way to expect your dream apartment to be yours is to visualize yourself there and notice what this feels like. Really try to see yourself there as if it's already happening, and you're sitting on your couch, feeling the fabric, noticing the light coming in through the windows, listening to your music, and admiring your decorations. As you see and experience yourself there, ask yourself how this feels and marinate in the feelings, e.x., "this feels expansive." Once you feel positive about the outcome, take action, and if the doubt and fear come back, return to this visualization process. This is a short process for visualizing that I use myself when manifesting a new space (I would recommend doing this for 5-10 minutes a day for one week and then noticing what happens.) -Melissa Field
I write my list daily and in the present tense as if it has already happened. My visualization notebook helps me write down the list of things I want to achieve in my life. While writing about my dreams, the important thing is to visualize and feel the joy that it procures: for example, feeling the joy of having that dream apartment. The more you vibrate joy, the more you manifest magical things in your life. If you choose to vibrate love, joy, and gratitude, a portal opens, and your dreams become a reality. -Happy Reiki
Set up an apartment money manifesting fund
Dedicate a keep-sake box or an elegant envelope to begin putting aside cash for your new apartment décor and necessities. Decorate your container with things that feel abundant to you- like you’d decorate a vision board. (Think affirmations, crystals, flowers, or even that lucky keychain you've had for ages.) By saving money with the intention of it being used for your new dream spot, you'll be signaling to the Universe that you're ready to receive it. Add to your “Apartment Money Manifesting Fund” as often as possible, even if it's just a dollar here and there. To amplify your apartment attraction ability, you can add in crystals like pyrite, citrine, or aventurine. -Bloom & Manifest
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Write down your goals as if they’ve already been attained
Use Scripting to manifest your reality. Simply write down your dream home, including the bedrooms, amenities, location, etc. For an added boost - listen to the song "Time" by Hans Zimmer and let the music help you to visualize your future self in your dream apartment. Regularly return to your writing to keep your spirits up as the pieces all fall into place. -Lexie Wilson
Create an "ideal scene" for your dream apartment. Draw a circle or heart in the middle of a page and write in it "I am." Surround it with detailed "ing" statements, describing how you're finding it, receiving it, living in it, etc. For example: "I am finding the perfect apartment in the neighborhood I desire." "I am showing my new apartment to my friends, and I am excited to share a meal with them." "I am enjoying the quietness and morning sun in my apartment." Date the page, sign it with your name, and look at it daily for a few minutes. Make sure that it's 50% believable. -Dr. Barbara Schwarck, PCC
Understand your manifesting style
A little-known hack for manifesting your dream apartment is to know how you manifest. Generally speaking, there are two types of manifesting styles: specific and non-specific (if unsure, you can look yours up on a human design chart, if the bottom right arrow points towards the head, you're specific, and if it points away, you're non-specific). For specific manifesters, this would look like a super detailed list about their dream space or even a vision board with all of those details brought to life. For non-specific manifesters, this looks like getting clear on the intangible. Instead of a list of countertops or layouts, journal about what a day in the life at this dream space feels like - from waking up, to your morning cup of coffee, to your commute, to dinners, and unwinding at the end of the day. This way, you'll know that feeling when you step into the place.
If you're not feeling satisfied in your current place and looking to manifest a dream space, I like to visualize myself as a SIM (remember the happiness bar that dropped or went up as they entered a room in the old game?). Use that visualization for yourself as you move through your space. Take note of where you feel a "drop" and figure out what affordable home décor hacks you can start making from there. This could mean rearranging the furniture to change the flow of the room. Painting the walls, adding some new art, or even buying some organizers to clear the clutter. -Rachel Ritlop, The Confused Millennial
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Start living “as if”
Live as if. To attract new, begin to invite in pieces of the new life you wish to experience right now. For example, if you currently live in a city high rise but dream of country farm living, add in elements of dirt and fresh air, perhaps a balcony garden or even some indoor potted plants. Envision yourself living the next phase while you lend to the current one, i.e., while watering your plants, picture watering an entire garden bed of thriving vegetables. Remember that you don't need a huge monetary investment to change out décor elements to match your future desire. Hit up your local thrift store to find some tokens to display to help you bring the next phase of your living environment to you. I’m also a massive advocate of Vision Boarding, images placed where you’ll see them daily and retrain your brain to become comfortable and used to them. I keep mine in my closet, so I casually view it while picking out my outfit each morning. -Soul Coaching With Jessica
When it comes to manifestation, the most important part is to feel because the Universe only listens to your energy vibration, not the words you say. Focus on what you need and why because the Universe doesn't support wants. For example, you need a large, comfortable space to start a family, etc. Finally, physical objects, like a dream board of your ideal living place, can work wonders when emotionally charged, i.e., feeling you already enjoy being there. Hang your creation on your wall and every time you pass by, know and feel the joy of it as if it's already yours. -Spiritual Wonders
Decide what you want and why. Then, visualize yourself going through your daily life in the dream apartment while feeling the feelings of having it now. Start doing the kinds of things you’d do if you knew it would happen, like cleaning up your current apartment or organizing your finances. Lastly, be fiercely grateful for both your current place and the new one while relaxing and releasing any attachment to the when or the how. -Sandra Possing
Don't be fooled by the rules you've been told - the rules are yours to write, meaning the dream apartment you want is meant for you. Get clear on all of your desires for your dream apartment. Where it's located, what it looks like, how it makes you feel, what color the floor is, etc. Meditate for 5 minutes on your dream apartment, and visualize what it looks and feels like every day. Become the person who lives in your dream home now. How do you act, dress, eat, and move? Finally, tour your dream apartment. Take pictures, relish the moment, feel the gorgeous counters, the floor touching your bare feet, and allow the experience to fill your senses. -Jessica Doman
Use the power of positive affirmations
Your home should inspire you to flourish every single day since there's nothing like being in an uninspiring, unfulfilling environment. And with the housing market, finding your perfect place can seem almost impossible. Whether it's the price, the size, or the location - the ideal home is out there for you. Here are some affirmations to help you in your search:
  • "Every day, in every way, I am getting closer to finding the perfect place for me."
  • "I deserve to live in a space that brings me joy, peace, and love, and it's on its way to me right now."
  • "It's always so easy for me to find my dream apartment." -Dr. Tracy Timberlake
Envision how your life looks and feels like in your dream apartment
At Manifestation Coaching, our process is "see, say, do," meaning: envision what you want, express it in real-world terms, and then go for it. If you're ready for a change, focus on what you want in a new environment. Is it more light? Guest space? Open feeling? More privacy? Need a pool? Lower rent? Closer to shopping? Really think about it, and then write those things down. That's your vision. Now, how could you get those things in a new space? What might it look like? Turn those visions into specifics: "2+ bedrooms" or "one-story" or "duplex" or "northern exposure" or even a specific neighborhood. With today's online platforms presenting hundreds of rental listings, finding your dream rental can become bewildering and time-consuming. You can focus on only those listings that meet your needs by building a vision and then turning it into specific real-world words. Just use those words as search terms to find your perfect new home. See it, say it, do it. -Michael Shanahan
Manifest your dream apartment by creating a partnership with money following these three steps:
  1. Create a new partnership with money as if "Money" were a person who loves you and is worthy of your deepest admiration and respect.
  2. Ask your imaginary "Money Honey" what he/she/they needs from you to be with you and where "Money" wants to live with you.
  3. Ask "Money" what action they want you to take daily, and take that action, even if it doesn't appear to be money or apartment-related.
For example, my "Money Honey" told me to take morning walks back in 2011. He felt claustrophobic in the apartment I was living in at the time. Two months later, I found my dream apartment on one of those walks at precisely the price point I wanted to pay - half of what they could have asked and received for that property. Bonus action: practice daily pre-emptive gratitude for all the wonderful things coming your way. While I own my house now, this is how I manifested my dream apartment (a 1500 square-foot, 3 br/2ba Mid-Wilshire Spanish Colonial townhouse (with those dark wood cathedral ceilings) built by Columbia studios in 1927, for exactly what I wanted to pay) before I became a homeowner. -Morgana Rae
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