Is heating your food in a microwave safe?

Sharing a health tip with you all that I just learned. This one might surprise you, or maybe not, but it’s definitely worth a read. We just recently replaced our microwave with a Breville Countertop oven for re-heating food and here is why:

In a study conducted by Dr. Radwan Farag, dean of the biochemistry department, at Cairo University discovered that just 2 seconds of microwave energy destroys all enzymes in food. 😱 Yep. You know those enzymes you so desperately need to be eating and oh yeah your littles too. When I read this I thought oh ok so those veggies I worked so hard to get my toddler to eat really weren’t as beneficial to him as I was hoping #UGH!
💩Enzyme deficiency: Low levels of certain digestive enzymes or digestive enzyme deficiency usually lead to undigested food particles in the colon that cause many digestion issues and can even trigger an allergic reaction. Indigestion, gas, bloating. Abdominal pain or cramps. Undigested foods in your stool.
🧬Heating food containing proteins in the microwave for 10 minutes change the molecular structure of the food to a harmful type of protein.
⏲Microwaves became popular in the mid 1940’s when mama’s didn’t have time to make it from scratch because of WWII.
⚡So microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy that can travel at the speed of light. We have all heard about microwave towers that are used to relay long distance telephone signals, television programs, computer information across the earth and to satellites in space. We are most familiar with the microwave as a convenience for cooking food.
☢Microwave oven contains a magnetron which is a tube in which electrons pass through a magnetic field to produce a micro wave-length radiation which interacts with the molecules in the food. The wave energy changes the polarity of molecules from positive to negative millions of times every second. This friction produces extreme heat and in the food it causes structural damage of the food molecules.
💉This decreases the nutritional value of food up to 60-90%. Vitamin B12 which is needed for red blood cell formation is greatly reduced. B12 deficiency:
 ☢Microwave cooking kills 97% of flavonoids in food… flavonoids fight disease, inflammation, microbes!

After reading all of this is made me want to 🤮 at how often we were using our microwave. So Friends, think twice about using your microwave and how often you are using it. After all, aren’t we trying to put GOOD food in our bodies and not having it ruined by a microwave? I SURE AM!


UPDATE: It’s been two weeks since we’ve had our Breville Countertop Stove and we LOVE it! I haven’t used the microwave once-this is a big deal friends considering I meal prep and before we were heating up EVERRRRYYYY meal with it. Our food tastes SO much better, I’m comfortable that the food I’m eating and putting in front of the boys is actually GOOD for them and this baby has lots of options; airfryer, cookies and pizza…um yeah, if you’re going to give up your Microwave I’d recommend the Mac Daddy of Countertop Ovens….here she is: Breville Smart Oven Air with Super Convection 

What do you think now about your Microwave?
Can't wait to hear your thoughts! 

Wishing you the best in Wellness,


P.S. peep this picture with the child locks on the cabinet. This is the season of life we are in right now-we have a million toys everywhere that I step on all day long but yet the Baby only wants to play in the cabinets. This is Mom life, isn’t it? And I’m loving every second of it!

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