Get Your Mind Right!

Get Your Mind Right!

I always get compliments on my positive attitude and outlook in life and how I've built multiple thriving businesses. Well, I attribute all of this to an incredible mindset. I've been working on my mindset for 2+ years and it is the ONE thing that has made a huge impact on my Life as a Wife, Mom and Business Owner.

If you want to overhaul your Mind, Life and just be darn right happy, this is for you. I've created a 5 day Get your Mind Right Course teaching you all about the basics of Mindset. Why it matters, Why you need to give it attention everyday, Intentions, My Personal Routine and so much more.

But, No Fluff. Ever. Because that's how I roll. Oh and its super affordable because I want EVERYONE to have access to it. It's $11.

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Generational Wealth is for All.

Generational Wealth is for All.
I’m propelled forward for creating generational wealth for my boys. I started my business as a way to stay home with them and my goodness have I so enjoyed not being on the corporate ladder or having to pack my bags and travel to away from them. But, lately, in this season of life. I’m reminded of just how important this opportunity of growing my business is to me. I  want these two boys who complete my arms, who fill my heart to know that their Mom worked really fricken hard. And not hard like in 40 years working 9-5. But the hard in that she saw a vision and an opportunity for her family and busted her butt to give them freedom. 

We have big dreams in this house. Big DREAMS. That includes going to Madagascar (Tyler’s trip he chose). Momma wants to drive a Sweet New Big family Car In CASH, And many many more dreams that we will make happen.

And while I want them to work hard I also want them to know and have the freedom to be able to do what they want in life and give generously without having to worry about putting food on the table. In this season of life, quaratine, its never been more apparent to be in a secure business model. Some might say an "Essential" Business model.  This business, my job, will ensure just that for them, and for their children, and their children and so on. For every generation. That’s what generational income is and it’s no coincidence when I  started this business, I  picked a company who offers just that. Residual Income for life. 

Business Life

I get questions almost daily on why I chose to start a multilevel marketing business (MLM). Most MLM’s get a bad rep and in part for some valid reasons But, not my business. At the heart of my business is people and their health and wellness. And second to that is the incredible income potential I can earn from this business. There’s so many misconceptions in my business so I’m going to lay down some truth for you all. Buckle up, you know I keep it honest 🙌

-It’s not a get rich quick business. Running an MLM business will take just as much time to make six figures as running an Etsy store or really any other business. Here’s why. You have to work for it. You have to put in the work. It’s simple but it is hard work.

-Everyday someone asks the startup costs for starting a business like mine. $160 is what I paid. That is all that it cost for me to start my business. Traditional businesses spend thousands if not hundreds of thousands to start their businesses.

-I do not keep inventory. Ok, well I hoard a few things #thievescleanerforlife but for the most part I only buy and keep at my home what my family and I use. That means I don’t have to drive around town or ship orders to everyone. Momma does not have time for that! Instead, all of my team has their own account, it allows them to order when and what they want.

-Generational Wealth. Yep. This is a HUGE ONE! That means the work I do today to grow my business means I will get paid for years (generations) to come. How fricken amazing is that👏Let me tell you my Corporate Job never offered this benefit.

-The Income Potential. Where else can you get paid this amount? Check it out here at

-My Specific business is detailed around Health and Wellness. It’s 2020. There has never been a better time to focus on our health and wellness. After all if we don’t have our health, what the heck do we have?

Today more than ever, I’m grateful I have income working from my phone or computer. I don’t have to leave my home to connect with people. My home is filled with products that support our body naturally, not poison it. There’s never been a better time to pivot. Do something different for yourself and your family. If you want to be the CEO of a life changing business for others and your family, let’s chat. I saved you a seat❤️


Freedom is all something we think about often...right? What pops into your Mind when you think of Freedom?

⭐️For me, it is Time Freedom. I want to be able to do what I want when I want. I want to be able to take make boys to the Zoo in the middle of the week. I want to be able to book a trip just because the Weather is AWFUL in Michigan and we need to see the Sun. I want to pay off our Student Loan Debt so we don't have that financial burden. I want to order pizza and when the high school delivery kid comes to the door, I want to give him a $100 tip.

⭐️Since I started my Young Living business 3 years ago, I've had so many realizations in life. The first one being, that sharing about how much Essential Oils have totally changed my life is SO Rewarding. How rewarding? Well, we had some incredible vacations planned in 2020 that have since been postponed but look out 2021. My business was helping cover a lot of these trips ✈️

⭐️This business is simple but hard work. Here’s the thing, I probably work just as hard as someone who owns a brick and mortar or Etsy business, but my business offers generational income. Yep, that means my great great great great grandkids and beyond will have this income. If that’s not worth your time in working for, I don’t know what is. Does what you’re spending your time on give your family that?

⭐️What does freedom mean to you?

If you’re curious about the Income Potential please see the income disclosure statement here