Stop Sh*t Talking: 3 Steps to a Confident Mama

Did I catch your attention Mama? I was trying to. While saying we're shit-talking ourselves doesn't sound very pretty - it's a reality. We're not very nice to ourselves 9/10 times. We don't give ourselves any freedom when making mistakes, we don't give ourselves room for our desires, we like to give our bodies crap (when it's done SO many amazing things). Let's face it, we're a *bit* mean. 

4 Signs it’s Time to Take the Leap into Manifestation

There is no perfect time to take the leap into manifestation and focus on your mindset, personal desires, and your life. It’s more of a “whenever is best for you” situation - honestly, I believe that all moms should take the leap considering how it changed my own life, but I understand that not everyone is ready for that. Still, there are a few signs you can look out for to determine if manifestation is right for you. 

#1. You’re open to your desires.

This is HUGE. When you realize that you have wants, needs, desires that you can reach out and grab, it gives you ambition. It’s easy to decide that instead of ambition, you feel mom-guilt about wanting something that’s not 100% related to your kids, but that’s a feeling we’re going to work through. You’re an amazing mama and you DESERVE to have goals, wants, and desires and to achieve them. 

#2. You’re ready to make a change.

Beyond just wanting or identifying your desires, you need to want to change how your mindset and life are functioning right now. You have to be open to making changes that are proven to attract your dream life and defeat those negative feelings. Even if you’re not there already, you need the desire to get there - to stay in your mom power, even when everything feels like it’s going to shit.

#3. You want to make the most of Motherhood.

You feel like you could be doing more, not more as in taking the kids to another football game or going on a family vacation (although I highly suggest taking one of those too), but more as in feeling more PRESENT in your day. You want to be engaged in your life as a mom instead of trudging along. As moms, we love our kids, we love spending time with them, but sometimes it’s overwhelming or we lose our sense of self. In the Moms Manifestation Academy, we cover how you need to spend time taking care of yourself to manifest your desires, and that includes making the most of motherhood.

#4. You’re tired of how tired you are.

This one kinda relates to #3, being present, staying in your mom power, identifying your exhaustion, and recognizing the path to feeling energized again. For me, manifestation changed my life. It was how I started recognizing that mentally, I was exhausted and allowed me to take the steps I need to re-energize myself. Now I love my morning rituals, expressing gratitude for my life, and just recognizing my desires and setting the path to achieving them. 

3 Realistic Goals for Mompreneurs

Don’t discredit yourself just because you’re a mom entrepreneur - you CAN run your business, take care of your kids, fill your own cup, and still have that intimate time between you and your hubby, you don’t need to choose. You can set and achieve those goals. 

Your first step is blocking out “the haters” or rather, those who don’t 100% believe that you can do it and support you. Next, you’re going to pick out what’s most important to you and your lifestyle. Do you want to travel? Do you want to have weekly date nights? Do you want to homeschool your kids? All of these things are goals that you really can accomplish as a mompreneur. 

I get it though, when you’re feeling down in your business or mindset it’s hard to look towards the future and say “yea, I CAN do that” so here are three realistic goals for mompreneurs for you to borrow:

Goal #1: I will have a balanced work, mom, and me life.

Balance is refreshing, amazing, and opens up more room for passion in all aspects of your life. Having a balanced work, mom, and me life leads to more creative solutions in your business and a better attitude when interacting with others at home. A balanced life is something that a lot of moms struggle with that is actually easier than they think.

With this one, overwhelm can quickly cause you to lose sight and assume that this “method” or “goal” isn’t for you when it IS for you. You deserve balance and you can accomplish balance.

Goal #2: I will earn enough without working too much.

Running your own business or even just working at home can cause you to overwork - the line between when you need to “clock out” and how much stuff you have to get done crosses easily, leading to an overworked (and often underpaid) mama. How do we fix this? Boundaries. And using a little math to calculate how much you should get paid for what you do.

You’ll need to record how many hours it takes to accomplish your task/create your product, how many hours you can to work (think realistically), and what your ideal income would be. Then divvy up how much you should get paid for each hour based on your ideal income. Don’t be scared, you’re MORE than worth it.

Goal #3: I will take breaks from my business without feeling guilty.

The best way to do this is ditch the mom guilt and set up systems, digital products, and team members to complete the work while you’re gone. Having a good team behind you with effective systems in place to see your digital products (or regular products) while you’re off in Cancun - trust me, you’ll love it - takes away one stressor, income. 

Other stressors need to be identified and conquered, which is one of the things I cover when we work 1:1 or in a group setting. I want you to be just as confident and comfortable in your business as I am! DM on Instagram to get started today.

I’m Tired of Saying Yes - Confessions of a Burnt Out Mama

I am always talking about saying yes to yourself, your goals, your dreams - just ALL of it. But, you can’t always start by saying yes, sometimes you need to say NO. Part of our exhaustion as mamas comes from saying yes to everyone else for everything. We try not to say no - mainly because we assume that those who are asking for something need it more than we need to take a break. This goes for family, friends, business, everyone but you. 

Saying yes all the time sounds great in theory (happy family, happy friends, socialization, etc), but what we’re not realizing at the moment is that it’s leaving us overwhelmed and feeling burnt out. And step #1 of defeating mom burnout is saying NO even when you feel like you have to say YES. After learning to say NO, I was able to refocus my energy where I really needed it, becoming a better mom for my kids and myself. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Saying No to Your Family

This is one of the most high-stress situations - in the beginning. How you handle this is based on your relationship with your family. Your family should want the best for you, both mentally and physically, and this means saying no to family functions when you can handle them or skipping that family dinner night. Before stressing, be open with your family about why and express your hope that they’ll understand - and that it doesn’t mean that you “don’t like them” or “don’t want to spend time with them” and if it’s an event, offer to reschedule a smaller meet-up that you do feel you can handle. 

After the first few “no” situations, your family will typically begin to understand where you’re coming from and why you had to do this (most likely because you’ll be in a better mood/mental space next time you meet).

Saying No to Friends

This was especially difficult as a new mom. When you have your first baby, you never know how it’ll affect you beforehand. You have moments when you’re happy, but also those where you’re overwhelmed and anxious and everywhere in between. Staying social and meeting up with friends can be burdensome in the beginning, but pressures to maintain the friendship often lead to saying yes before you’re ready. Ideally, you’ll be able to communicate these needs to your friends and they’ll understand - maybe they’ll even offer up an alternative solution, like coming over with food rather than meeting at a restaurant.

Saying No to Kids and Husband

I’m not referring to when you’re kids are running rampant and you’re telling them to calm down or saying no to another snack - this is more situational. It’s also more about putting a little “you-time” first rather than denying what they need. For example, your eldest wants to go somewhere, but you’re not ready or you’ve been on your feet all day. You can say “I’ll take you, but I need *insert time frame* to myself to just take a moment” - it’s not always possible, but when saying no to your close family communication can go a long way. It’s hard to remember that our thoughts and feelings are not shared, they won’t always know how overwhelmed or stressed we’re feeling if we don’t express it.

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Podcast Episode #1: Hi!! It's Me!! Let's Be Friends?!?

Podcast Episode #1: Hi!! It's Me!! Let's Be Friends?!?
In today's launch of the podcast I share lots about me, my family, my beliefs, my mission and values and invite you to join me in this space each week where you can feel loved, energized, accountable and free to write your own rules and do it differently.

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