4 Signs it’s Time to Take the Leap into Manifestation

There is no perfect time to take the leap into manifestation and focus on your mindset, personal desires, and your life. It’s more of a “whenever is best for you” situation - honestly, I believe that all moms should take the leap considering how it changed my own life, but I understand that not everyone is ready for that. Still, there are a few signs you can look out for to determine if manifestation is right for you. 

#1. You’re open to your desires.

This is HUGE. When you realize that you have wants, needs, desires that you can reach out and grab, it gives you ambition. It’s easy to decide that instead of ambition, you feel mom-guilt about wanting something that’s not 100% related to your kids, but that’s a feeling we’re going to work through. You’re an amazing mama and you DESERVE to have goals, wants, and desires and to achieve them. 

#2. You’re ready to make a change.

Beyond just wanting or identifying your desires, you need to want to change how your mindset and life are functioning right now. You have to be open to making changes that are proven to attract your dream life and defeat those negative feelings. Even if you’re not there already, you need the desire to get there - to stay in your mom power, even when everything feels like it’s going to shit.

#3. You want to make the most of Motherhood.

You feel like you could be doing more, not more as in taking the kids to another football game or going on a family vacation (although I highly suggest taking one of those too), but more as in feeling more PRESENT in your day. You want to be engaged in your life as a mom instead of trudging along. As moms, we love our kids, we love spending time with them, but sometimes it’s overwhelming or we lose our sense of self. In the Moms Manifestation Academy, we cover how you need to spend time taking care of yourself to manifest your desires, and that includes making the most of motherhood.

#4. You’re tired of how tired you are.

This one kinda relates to #3, being present, staying in your mom power, identifying your exhaustion, and recognizing the path to feeling energized again. For me, manifestation changed my life. It was how I started recognizing that mentally, I was exhausted and allowed me to take the steps I need to re-energize myself. Now I love my morning rituals, expressing gratitude for my life, and just recognizing my desires and setting the path to achieving them. 

The 12 Universal Laws for your roadmap in creating + living your best life ever

As a Manifestation Coach for Moms, the law of attraction is a key component in the work I  do with clients in order to help them build a fulfilling life-their best freaking life. But that is just one little piece of the puzzle. There are 12 universal laws at play in our lives and they all work together to act as guiding principles. 

It’s imperative to understand these 12 laws to help us master life on all levels and give us insight on what we can do to reach our goals. Or hire a manifestation coach I’m your girl when you want to learn all about living your best life + these incredible 12 laws of the universe. 

The 12 universal laws provide us with a roadmap for how we can live our best life…yep it’s true! So lets break these beauties down!

Law of Divine Oneness: This is the MVP of universal laws since its the one in which all other laws build. This law states we are all connected through creation. Every single atom within you is connected in some way to the rest of the universe. It means everything we do has a ripple effect and impacts the collective- not just ourselves. This law calls upon us for self-improvement. What we do matters and makes a difference.

Law of Vibration: Everything has a frequency. Nothing stands still. This is why items of similar vibration are attracted to each other. This is one of my favs laws because to manifest your desires you must match your vibration with that of what you want. This is why I  tell my clients be that person you want to be before you actually are that person!

Law of Correspondence: Our lives are created by the subconscious patterns we repeat over and over everrrryyyydayyyy. These patterns either serve us or hold us back. When we become aware of these patterns which are often passed down generations, and then consciously take action to break them, changes happen. 

Law of Attraction: You attract what you most think and feel. Which is why its imperative you think and feel about what you want most and or are grateful for in life. You attract whatever you think about most.

Law of Inspired Action: This law is about taking inspired action to bring what you want to fruition. It’s called turning into your Intuition when it tells you to do something and doing it-that’s inspired action!

Law of Perpetual Transmution of Energy: Small things, can have a BIG effect. Doing small things each day that lift you up = major results. So do what makes you happy to lift you up each day. For me these are, dancing in the kitchen, or dancing anywhere :), Singing, Coaching my clients and kissing my hubby :)

Law of Cause and Effect: Law of Karma. Whatever you put out, you get back. Good or bad. Focus on sending out good vibes only.

Law of Compensation: This is a comforting law because what we reap, we will sow. So, we will be compensated for our work as long as we are open to receiving it in all the many ways the universe can bring it to us. 

Law of Relativity: Essentially this law states no one is inherently good or bad because everything is an expression or rather a perspective. This is why in communication people think different things. For example, think of how Husband and Wife communicate, or that book Venus and Mars. Everything is up for unique expression, our own individual expression in how we take something. 

Law of Polarity: Everything has an opposite. If there’s an up, there’s a down. Theres a light then there’s dark. One cannot exist without the other. These experiences help us learn from our mistakes and support us in being crystal clear on what we don’t want so we can be crystal clear on what we do want.

Law of Perpetual Motion: Everything is forever changing and our job is to embrace the ride. If life is tough, know that this will pass (change), if life is incredible, then savor and enjoy it. Know that just because it will change, it doesn’t mean what is on the horizon is bad. Each stage is a tremendous gift.

The Law of Giving and Receiving: This is the law of balance. So, to work within this law you need to recognize where in your life the balance between giving and receiving is off. Both sides need to be inside you and balanced to live in harmony with your best life. 

Want to get clearer on these laws and how to integrate them into your everyday life to build your roadmap for your best life ever? Message me here to see how we can work together! 

Remember to treat yourself well,

11 toxic af habits you need to kick now


2021 is our year to start living our best life yet and in order to do that there are some habits that are toxic af that needed to be kicked to the curb now. You ready for these? It might rock your world, but in a good way, I  promise! I  love you and you need these!

  1. Stop talking bad about your body. Don’t do it. The more you rip on yourself the worse you’ll feel. Instead Compliment your body. What do you like about it? Stand in front of the mirror and say at least 1 thing you like.
     2. Stop talking about other people. Stop judging them. The gossip you’re saying about them comes back and reflects on you. Ever heard of the law of vibration?
The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe moves, travels and vibrates in circular motions. In relation to our physical world, this also applies to our feelings. our thoughts, our dreams and our free will. That old saying ‘like attracts like’ is actually referring to how our own vibrational energy, attracts or aligns with the same or similar vibrational energy.
Thankfully we have complete control over the energy we put out to the universe and therefore control over what energy aligns with ours and comes back to us.
This awareness, once harnessed and understood is incredibly powerful as you move through your life here on earth.

So, guess what when you’re talking bad about someone or gossiping you’re putting out that negative vibration…and that comes back to you. Which you don’t want. So stop doing it!

     3. Worrying about all the things. Worry does no good. Why worry about something that might or could happen? When I became a Mom I was filled with worry. And guess what all of that worry I  had, none of those worries came to be yet I wasted all that time and energy. For what? For nothing. What if I  would’ve spent that energy on doing good things, helping people or filling my heart? 

    4. Stop Comparing yourself to others. You’ll never be them. And thank GOD. We all need to be different. Comparison is the thief of Joy. When you find yourself comparing. Flip that script. Say out loud to yourself some things about yourself you love. Come on, you have at least one. And if you can’t think of one, email me, we can talk and I’ll tell you one!

   5. Let Go of what other people think of you. I used to succumb to the opinons of others and live my life based on what people thought of me. Soooo many judgments. And I  finally realized this wasn’t a way to live. These people who I  cared so much about what they thought about me weren’t living my life. They weren’t paying my bills. They didn’t have to be around me all the time and like me. So ditch that toxic AF habit. You deserve better and its so much freaking better on the other side, I  PROMISE!

    6. Let go of grudges. The only one you’re hurting by holding a grudge is you. Read that again! Let it go, let it go- in the wise words of Elsa :) (signed a Mom who forever has Frozen in her brain)

    7. Stop mindlessly scrolling on your phone. Do you have any idea how much time you waste? Set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes when you want scroll time. When it’s up. Put the phone down. Life is happening all around you and you’re missing it when on your phone!

    8. Release the need to be busy all the time. It’s a hard one, I  know. Especially if you’re a Mom. But everyone, everyone needs down time. When is your next scheduled down time? If you don’t one planned, get it on the books!

    9. Stop hitting the snooze. Most people I know set an alarm to wake them up at a specific time – but they also hit snooze. Instead of hitting snooze after your first alarm goes off, count yourself down from 3, and after 1, just get up. Then, in the extra 10 or 20 minutes you have, complete that annoying task you’ve been putting off forever so that you can start your day feeling productive and accomplished.

   10. Get up at least an hour a day before your kids. I  talk more about this in the Take your Day Back Challenge inside The Mama Vault. But seriously this allows you some time for you first Mama, which makes a whole heck of a difference in your day when you get me time first thing instead of being woke up by the baby alarm clock. 

    11. Stop living in the past. I have some friends who LIVE in the past and its soooo frustrating because they are missing the present right in front of them! Their babies growing up, the time we are spending together, etc. The past is over. Make peace with that. And focus on the present. Make peace with the past. If you look to the future it can cause anxiousness so focus on right here, right now, the PRESENT.

Remember to Treat yourself Well,