It’s Time to Write Your Own Rules

I don’t know about you, but I often get those easy to answer yet hard to explain questions from my kids. The ones that I have the automatic response ready - but I can’t quite justify or fully explain. 

This happened the other day after my son’s birthday. I was faced with explaining why we don’t say anything about the gifts we get from friends and family. I kept traveling down the road of “why” - why don’t we mention it?

There’s some unspoken (although passed down) rule that the person giving the gift should receive gratitude no matter what, and that the receiver shouldn’t “complain.” 

But, why?

The giver wants the receiver to enjoy the gift, they want them to be happy - and not just the faux happy that comes with accepting a gift out of obligation. 

And it made me think… How many other rules were we following that didn’t make sense? That didn’t hold up under pressure? That didn’t work with our family?

That’s when I came to the decision: We’re gonna break some rules.

In episode 3 of The Mom Movement, I talk about how, as a mom, it's important that I teach my kids to follow the rules. Naturally, kids ask why and this simple question has had a huge impact on my parenting journey as I want to be sure I am creating rules that are meaningful and feel good. In this episode I share my journey to rewriting the rules and how you can too!

This is only part one of manifesting your dreams and living the life you want as a badass mom. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @jessicadoman_ for the latest podcast announcements and updates on the latest episodes.

If you would like to listen to episode 3 of The Mom Movement on Spotify, you can do so here: Listen to episode three “Write Your Own Rules” here.

Mindfulness Activities for the Modern Day Mom

Mindfulness activities- what do those look like for you? If you are mom, like me, it might mean five minutes in your car by yourself?

We are all busy. Every single one of us. Yet I'm biased to say Moms are even more swamped. It's because we run the house, we run the show, we cook, clean and do all the things for ourselves and our family. Plus we work! Either in or outside the home! I also run a business which I'm inclined to think makes me a little bit busier too. But this isn't about a busy badge of honor, instead its about-how I can incorporate so much into my busy lifestyle so I feel my best and love the life I live!

So, what's it for you Mama, what are your goals for everyday life for you? Do you want to live your best life every dang day? I hope so. Because you're the kind of Mom I want to lock arms with and become Mamahood besties with! 

Or it might mean binging your favorite TV show after everybody else is in bed.

But what if there was a new form of mindfulness?

A new form of mindfulness that you could do that didn’t interfere with your busy life? That actually made a difference in how you felt every day?

What if you could have your sanity and your time back?

Good news is now you can! I’m sharing with you my top 10 easy busy mom packs for mindfulness.

1. get up before your kids 

2. keep your phone off until you’re ready to work for the day

3. set a timer on your phone for how long you want to scroll on social media

4. meditate for at least 15 minutes every day. Bonus, this can even be done in the car pick up line. Ask me how I know, because I know 🙂

5. Work on a schedule that works for you. If you’re an early riser get up early, if you’re a night owl do things at night to make your next day more productive

6. Plan plan plan. Meals schedules childcare planning to fail? Oh no you’re not plan that schedule

7. Get at least an hour of self-care solo each week

8.Remember to treat yourself well. Talk nice to yourself. Love yourself

9. Some days will be better than others, it’s the days when things don’t go so great and you give yourself Grace that makes a difference in the days that do go great

10.Life is quick, short, moves faster than we’d like. But what if we enjoyed every second of it?

If you need more busy mom tips be sure to check out The Mama Vault for our Take Your Day Back Challenge specifically designed to help busy Moms just like you THRIVE in their day, everyday.

PSS. Also you can check out my Growing Mamas Mind course which is only $11 because that's how much everyone needs to have it. Growing your Mind is so powerful and actually the only tool you really need to change your life. 

So, what do you say, are you up for it? 

See you Inside,