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Laundry. When you hear that word. How do you feel? 

There’s  four people in my house and I’m appalled at how much laundry I have each week. Have you seen that meme that’s around about how a Mom gets all the laundry done but then she realizes her family is walking around in clothes of course and therefore it means at days end there will be more laundry in those hampers? Yeah, I feel that deep īŠ 
Let’s chat about your Laundry Soap for a second. Ever flipped that bottle over and googled those ingredients on the bottle? I have! You should too! I had a close friend many years ago move back home with her parents and started using their laundry soap which is still currently (and maddeningly if I might add the top seller in the US). She started having these really weird skin rashes all over her body. It was awful, she was itchy and red and just felt awful! They couldn’t figure out what it was…even after many doctors appointments. She switched all of her products. Nothing changed. She was still the red, itchy skin girl īŒ Then, she decided to switch laundry soap to an all-natural option (in fact the one I use) and BAM within days no more red itchy skin! 

The scary part here is that not everyone has a reaction you can see, oftentimes laundry soap chemicals show up differently in our body like in asthma, eczema, autoimmune issues and more.   It’s So freaking annoying to have to read every damn label to make sure what I’m buying isn’t going to cause more harm than good to my families health. If you feel this way too, I got you. I found an easy button in all that reading labels stuff and you I’ll share it with you too here.
Did you know if you live in the European Union, 1328 chemicals are banned. That means they can’t be used in personal care or food products. Here in the good old USA, our government has only banned 11. See something wrong with that? Yep, me too! Are you upset about that? Yep, me too! Let’s feel that fire in our bellies and do something about it!
Wonder why Cancer, Auto-immune issues, allergies and hormone imbalances are so much more prevalent today than even 20 years ago? It’s because our chemical exposure everyday. We eat, use or breathe in chemicals from our food or products used within our homes. Check out the Documentary STINK on Netflix, its eye opening. 
I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life learning and educating on all of this and while I don’t think its for everyone (only those that care about their health 💁) I do believe its something we should all be educated on. However, I know many of us are pressed for time these times which is why I have an easy button on all things Natural Living and wellness that you can educate yourself with and or buying products I’ve fully vetted and trust to use on myself and family everyday (this one took me a long time). 
My Easy button on laundry is for everyone. Because while laundry might not be anyone’s favorite chore, it’s gotta be done and we might as well save some of our precious time and money while we do it. 
The only laundry soap I use is Young Living Thieves Laundry Soap, its cost effective, comes right to my door and more importantly, its non-toxic. Here’s how you can get yourself some.

One of the zillion reasons I love this is because its super concentrated that means a little goes a long ways. In fact, I make 3, 32oz bottles of laundry soap out of the one 32 oz bottle that comes right to my door. How’s that for saving some money?!? Oh yeah and I only use one pump for each load. Here are the 32 oz pump bottles I use, 

Everything we use in our household, including laundry soap gets into our body. How many of us wash our clothes in chemicals that we cannot pronounce?
Separate your laundry soap equally into (3) 32oz pump bottles.
Bonus* Add 2 capfuls of Thieves All-purpose Household Cleaner to each for extra cleaning power!! You can also add 10-15 drops of purification or lavender!!
Fill (slowly) with water, gently shake until evenly distributed.
Use 2-5 pumps per large load.
(That’s $7.80 per bottle - ~64 loads each, which means one bottle of the Thieves laundry detergent can do up to 192 loads after diluting! 😱

Can’t beat it that price anywhere, plus it's 100% safe for you and your family! Total win. 

You can check out the video I did breaking all this down here. 

Cold Be Gone Gummies-Boost your Wellness!

Cold Be Gone Gummies-Boost your Wellness!
EASY healthy gummies recipe your kids will LOVE! DIY HEALTHY Gummies to boost your kids wellness this cold and flu season! Learn how to make probiotic gummies, including benefits, head over to the blog for the recipe and benefits of these AMAZING Wellness Boosting Gummies!
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How to calm the Chaos and Overwhelm in a crazy world!

Got Chaos? Got Stress? Got that overwhelmed feeling? 

There's an Essential Oil for that!

Everybody loves a routine. Everybody. When our routine is interrupted, we can feel a bit chaotic and disconnected. This year, all of our routines are gone and all sense of normal, which creates a feeling of stress and overwhelm. These feelings can leave you drained and feeling helpless. Are you overwhelmed in work, overwhelmed at home, and or just overwhelmed all the time? This is for you. 
These are some of my favorite roller blends that are designed to help you get back in touch with yourself and learn to let go. Even in challenging times, we can focus on positivity and choose to see the good. It’s amazing that some essential oils can assist with this process as they restore balance to the body. What are you focusing on that’s good?



This powerful blend is just the ticket to help you speak your truth. It opens the throat chakra for authentic and clear communication. Roll on this blend before an interview or to provide courage and sensitivity when handling conflict or difficult discussions.
8 drops Valor
6 drops Myrtle
5 drops Frankincense
Use a 10 mL roller bottle. Add essential oils and top off with a carrier oil, such as fractioned coconut, grapeseed or almond oil

Love All

It’s easy to love people when they agree with us, show kindness, and treat others fairly. It is far more difficult to love those we disagree with or people who are unkind, selfish, and greedy. Use this blend to balance yourself, your heart and help you give love even when it doesn’t come so easily.

6 drops geranium
6 drops white angelica
5 drops lavender
4 drops clary sage
2 drops jasmine
Use a 10 mL roller bottle. Add essential oils and top off with a carrier oil, such as fractioned coconut, grapeseed or almond oil
Find Yourself
Challenging times drain us of energy and motivation. When you  feel like doing nothing but know you should do otherwise, try this.  It calms erratic emotions while restoring a healthy energy to move forward.
5 drops valerian
5 drops Cypress
4 drops Cedarwood 
3 drops sacred sandalwood
3 drops juniper
Use a 10 mL roller bottle. Add essential oils and top off with a carrier oil, such as fractioned coconut, grapeseed or almond oil.

I am a busy Mom so of course stress is inevitable but I have a few mom tips for you to alleviate your stress and have you feeling better almost instantly. In addition to exercise, meditation, and surrounding myself with a community of thriving Mamas there are a few other essentials I can’t recommend enough. These tools are my go to for almost immediate stress relief and you can read about them here. Seriously couldn’t do this Mom Life without them. 
What are your go to’s for stress relief?

Want to learn more about calming your chaos and stress with essential oils? Check it out here