Why get your mind right, without adding an extra thing on your to do list!

Mindset. The Differentiator in Wellness.

Everywhere you are online nowadays you read all about mindset coaches and getting your mind right. Just a few years ago, you never heard of mindset let alone see people owning million dollar businesses from coaching others on their mind. 
Naturally, I had to check out this mindset thing and see what it was all about. My BFF since I was 5. True story, there’s a picture of us at my 5th birthday party (she still looks the same-annoying I know but I fricken love her) really got into Mindset a few years ago. And since shes my BFF I have to do everything to support her. And so I enrolled in her mindset program.

When I started, I was 8.5 months pregnant and in a pretty miserable place in life. I felt awful, couldn’t hardly keep food down and was HUGE. You can imagine, I didn’t go into her program with an excitement that this was going to change my world. But dang it sure did. I’ve been drinking the kool-aid ever since. And here’s the thing I want you to know. Mindset isn’t just a fad. It’s here to stay. In fact, its been around forever. Read The Secret https://amzn.to/30ite2X and Think and Grow Rich https://amzn.to/36he5D7 these books have been around a long time and are all about the power of our mind. 

As I’m writing this blog my mindset journey is almost two years in and as promised when I started, I almost nee da telescope to look back at the person I was then and all the incredible changes I’ve made. I know you’re curious as you’ve read about some people who have hired mindset coaches and but you don’t think they are for regular people but I’m a regular person so let me share some of my results for you:

-Grew my business to the next level within my Company
-Doubled my Income
-Put my marriage back on the front burner. This was a team effort of course and one we are so grateful for. I have a story to tell here when I feel its right. But, let me tell you this friends, this change in itself is worth all the mindset in the world.
-The confidence in me again. If you’re a Mom you can relate. We do all things for everyone else, especially our kids. I mean look what it does to our bodies. All the weight, all the pee dribbles when I sneeze or jump but gosh dang it those babies are worth it. All the sleepless nights. When I came out of the fog of being a new mom, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

As you can so relate, being a Mom changes you, and albeit it for the better, its an adjustment. Working on me again and my mind, I found myself and not the Jessica I was before, the Jessica I am now. And dare I say it, I freaking love her. 

Have you heard thoughts are in control of our feelings and our feelings control our actions? Yep, they do. Get your mind Right! Also, check out my video here for some quick easy tips to incorporate in mindset.