How to avoid stress this holiday season without feeling guilty

Ah the Holiday Season, are you a lover of this season? Or do you fall in the Overwhelmed and Stress of the Holiday Season? Today, I'm going to share my top tips on how to thrive in this season including my favorite things to manage stress! Let's leave the overwhelm and stress behind us and thrive in this Holiday Season!

1. Let's get crystal clear on what you want out of this Holiday Season, is it to have your shopping done before Christmas Eve? Is it to hire out the cooking this year for Christmas dinner? Don't overthink what your goals are this Holiday Season, they are your goals, no one elses so don't judge yourself about it. Often times we fall victim to the pressures society puts on us especially during the Holidays. But, guess what, this is your life, no one else can live it for you. So, you get to do what you want :) Just remember that this Holiday Season. 

2. Once you have your goal for this Holiday Season, make a plan and get after it! If you want all your Holiday Shopping to be done prior to Christmas Eve and you buy 50 gifts. You need to buy roughly 2 gifts a day for the first 23 days in December. Then your shopping will be done! How easy does that sound? Whatever your goal is, break it down into much smaller actions. This is helpful because it allows your brain and body to see how doable the action really is. Buying 2 gifts a day is easy but 50 gifts in 2 days is a lot. How do you feel thinking of just having to buy 2 gifts a day? Like you got it in the bag, right?!? Yep!

3. Set expectations with your family. If this is your first Holiday Season and you're making changes to accommodate a better life for you during this time of year,  some people might resist the change. But, hey, again, this is about you. Let it roll if Aunt Linda makes a snide remark because you had dinner catered this year to support a small business and get some stress off your back. Or better yet, ask her if she'd like to cook next year, as you'd be happy to eat her delicious meal instead of the one your fabulous caterer made (who is a 5 star chef by the way :) )

4. Give yourself some grace. If this is your first Holiday Season and you're making changes to accommodate a better life for you during this time of year,  you're bound to experience some bumps in the road. No worries though, remember to give yourself grace. Everything will be all right and next year maybe you'll need to pivot again and ease some additional overwhelm you recognize this year during your busy holiday season!

5. Tools. Give me all the tools. I use these stress relief techniques in everyday life but during the Holiday season its no secret I run to them a lot more! My go to favs are listed below and trust me this work within minutes when the stress, overwhelm and anxiousness can get to be too much.

My Fav Stress Relief Techniques and Tools:

 Stress Away Oil: oh hello. It says it all in the name. Stress Away. Stress get the heck outta here, bye! I rub this along my wrists, behind my ears and across my chest. Or just inhale from the bottle for sweet stress relief!

Peace and Calming Roll On: Well this one says it all too. Need a little Peace? Need a Little Calm? This has you covered. Plus this baby rolls on super easy. Pop the top and roll on your wrists, up your spine or bottoms of feet for an amazing smell and promote feelings of peace. Ahhh sweet peace. Bonus this works amazingly well for toddler tantrums...don't ask me how I know, but I know :)

Meditate: Does it seem hokey? It might if you've never done it but let me tell you this trick alone has given me more peace this year than anything else. In fact, I might go as far to say as its given me the freedom I've experienced this past year. Freedom in certainty. That I am doing and am right where I need to be. Meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. Get in a quiet dark place and go to YouTube and do a guided meditation. Here's how you can use one of my favorite ones I do almost everyday.  

CBD Oil: True, CBD oil is like the Wild Wild West out there. But, listen, the CBD oil I use is the best. It's quality is better than any. Trust me, I've researched it all. And contrary to what you might think, all CBD is not created equal. This CBD does not include THC so if you're looking for that get high feeling, it ain't with this Sis. Instead this CBD will give you a calm feeling, support your body naturally in terms of immunity support, help ease pain and boost sleep! You can get it here

Workout: Move your body. Its no coincidence that you always feel better after a workout. It's because the endorphins release during a workout. And well we all love endorphins. Guaranteed to alleviate stress is a kick butt workout. Some of my favs include working out on my Peloton or enjoying a Crossfit Class! How do you like to sweat?

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Hope this blesses you this Holiday Season!



Holiday Gift Guides for Her, For him and for Boys 2020 Edition!

It's no secret 2020 has been a year for all of us! But, the Holidays are upon us and there is so much joy that comes during the Holiday Season 🎄🎅 
I've created a gift guide to include top gifts for Her, For Him and for Boys Ages 1-6 (because that's the age range my boys are in right now:)) 
I've made these linkable for easy access-just click the guide below to download then click each individual gift. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season 🎄🎅 

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Just Click Each Guide below to download then click on each individual image to link you right to the Gift :)

Just Click Each Guide below to download then click on each individual image to link you right to the Gift :)

Just Click Each Guide below to download then click on each individual image to link you right to the Gift :)

New Years Rituals

New Years Rituals
What are your New Years Eve Rituals? Do you do the same thing every year? It's great because New Years Traditions can be ever-flowing at least in my mind they don't necessarily need to be the same every year like I  feel like Christmas traditions at least :)

Today I'm sharing with you my New Year's tradition with my husband Nick that started a few years back!

In 2018, Nick and I  put our marriage on the front burner know after kids especially when the kids are little marriage is often times (at least in our case) further down on the totem pole. We both realized, we wanted our marriage to be first and boy when we made this change did it sure light our lives up! More on that later, back to our New Years ritual :) 

Every New Year's Eve, we have champagne and hang normally at home although sometimes we frequent to friends houses for yummy food and fabulous fireworks (NYE 2019). But regardless of our plans, we always sit together usually in bed and pull out our goals we created for each other, ourselves and our family from teh previous year (these goals are hand written and sit in our safe all year long). I keep them on my phone too just to refer back to. Then when we dig them out on NYE we reflect on what our goals were; how we did, what we didn't do, how we could've done better etc. And then we have a deep conversation about our wants, needs and desires for the coming year; separately, together and for our family. 

It's super special. It's actually something I  really crave and enjoy. We are both very goal driven individuals and so we find it fun to write these down each year. Plus did you know goals are 80% more likely to come to fruition when you right them down. Yeah, so next time you have a goal, be sure to write it down!

What are your New Years Plans?

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5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

During the last few weeks of the year, we’re usually focused on what’s to come – all the new habits we’re going to create and the goals we’re going to achieve and the workouts we’re going to do in the new year. But I always find that doing a few simple things to prepare myself for the new year gets me off to a better start! So below I’ve created a list of 5 ways that you can prep for the new year. I hope you find it helpful and it blesses you to be the best YOU!


It’s human nature to always have your sights set on what’s next, but if you don’t appreciate what you’ve done then you’ll never appreciate what you do! Create a list of all of your accomplishments from the past year, big and small. Really take your time here. Think through each month and list everything out. If needed, have a look through your planner or social media to see what you were up to each month.


A great way to prepare for the new year is to create a list of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from the year that’s been. Think back on the year and create a list of all of the lessons you want to take with you into the new year. Again, look at your planner or social media accounts to refresh your memory if needed! And make sure that you don’t create any lessons that will tempt you to hold yourself back or keep yourself small. You can make anything of the year that you want – make sure it will serve you


If there are any appointments you've been procrastinating on (like a car service, doctor’s check up or dentist visit) now is the time to make them so they’ll definitely happen in the new year. Don’t let outstanding appointments keep hanging over you! Figure out when you can do them and book them in. Also accept there might never be a ‘good time’ to go, you might just need to bite the bullet and be inconvenienced for a day. But it’ll be worth it! 


Set a day aside to declutter your wardrobe. Take every item out of your wardrobe, give it a good clean. Store seasonal clothes. Donate and sell the rest! 

Warning: Don’t leave yourself with so few clothes that you feel the need to rush out and buy new ones, as impulse purchases will likely leave you feeling dissatisfied in the long run. If you’ve fallen out of love with your current selection, identify the pieces you want to replace, and get shopping!


Sometimes we need a change of scenery, especially if you're in the North where New Years is often cold, dark and dreary. So, if you're feeling like you need a little pep in your step, go out for New Year's; take a trip, visit friends, do whatever sounds and feels good to you!

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What will you be doing to prep for the new year? Let me know in the comments!

Traveling during the Holiday Season in 2020

The Holidays in 2020 will certainly look different than in years past. So, I  wanted to share some travel tips for the Holiday Season in helping keep us well in 2020.

If you’re planning to travel by plane, don't wait to book flights. Fares are lower this year, and major airlines have removed change fees for most domestic flights, so travelers have added flexibility. If you’re able, use miles instead of cash!

Be sure to pack some hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. The ones I love can be found here.

If you’re getting behind the wheel for your trip, pack with the pandemic in mind. Stock your vehicle with masks, Hand Sanitizer and plenty of snacks :)  Don’t rely on picking up supplies during the trip since there is no guarantee they will be in stock wherever you’re headed or passing through. And if you’re renting a car for the trip, price check around because there are some great deals!

Keep in mind that restrictions vary by state. Do your homework to make sure your destination is open, what rules are in place for visitors and residents, and what quarantine measures may be mandatory. Check in with state and local websites to be sure you understand any restrictions on the states you are passing through and your final destination. 

Staying at a hotel this Holiday Season? Here are my tips:

Hotels have gone to great lengths to adapt to the pandemic. Changes have been made to housekeeping, checkin, checkout and every step in between. 

Once you are in your room, there are additional sanitation steps you can take. Experts recommend cleaning touch points with disinfecting wipes with at least 70 percent alcohol. In addition to obvious objects to clean, such as remote controls, alarm clocks and the landline phone, there are the easily overlooked ones, like cabinet and drawer handles, doorknobs and door locks, light switches, desk surfaces, and information booklets and brochures.

Sanitize the surfaces in your bathroom as well, including faucets and handles. Keep toiletries inside of a toiletry bag instead of unpacking them onto a towel on the counter. My favorite cleaning solution in which I  make wipes and clean my whole house from can be found here.

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Whether you're staying in a hotel or flying this holiday season I've included some of my favorite tips to travel safely and stay healthy this Holiday. Holiday planning ideas for moms | Holiday Travel | Holiday Christmas | Holiday tips to stay healthy | Holiday tips Christmas | Holiday tips and tricks | Holiday tips life hacks | Healthy holiday tips | Holiday tips guide Christmas
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