Three Easy Ways to Say F*ck Yes [to Your Dreams] - Mom Edition

Okay mama, you’re here - now what? I’m all about mamas living their dreams and there’s an easier way to do it. It’s not complicated, the first step is the hardest, and once you get started you won’t be able to stop.

Before I tell you how to start saying fuck yes to your dreams, I want to say this:

Your dreams will not break down, break apart, or break your family in any way, shape or form. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Now, let’s get started:

Step #1: Read This Blog Post

Here’s why:  You’re acknowledging that you’re NOT living your dream right now. You could still be happy or content with your life - but it’s not your DREAM. You’re also ready to start taking steps to living your dreams, and that says a lot.

Ultimately, step #1 is getting in the mindset that you can and should be able to live your dreams while still being a badass mom. 

Step #2: Ditch the Mom Guilt

Mom guilt is a dream killer. I have yet to meet a mom that hasn’t dealt with mom guilt during motherhood. It’s natural. The goal is to identify where it stems from and CRUSH it. Squash it into the ground and don’t look back.

Sometimes mom guilt is something that we have because we feel inadequate as a mother, other times it stems from us doing something for ourselves that doesn’t involve (or doesn’t benefit) our kids. We somehow become this entity that shouldn’t do anything for ourselves now that we’re responsible for someone else. But, that’s not true.

You’re a badass mom, you can live your dreams, your kids will love you, and just because something doesn’t directly benefit your kids doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it - because when you’re happy & content with your life you have more positive energy to give to your kids.

Step #3: Make the leap

This is your sign to do the thing - to take the leap. When I mentioned the hardest step was the first, I’m including this! The chance to live your dreams is SCARY. It’s even scarier because it’s unknown territory.

I could tell you everything under the sun (and the moon) to convince you that you need to take this step - that it’s life changing. But, ultimately, it’s not up to me, it’s up to you.

You may never be 100% ready to take the leap, you just have to be willing. Trust me, it’ll change your life. 

Are you ready to shift your mindset and live your dreams? Listen to my Mom Movement Podcast for more motherhood tips & mindset tricks to help you live how you want - without the mom guilt.

Simple strategies to avoid mom burnout

Burn out. Have you heard this word lately? If you’re a mom, I can imagine you’re feeling this word lately. We are a year into the pandemic, our lives have been turned upside down, our kids are at home a LOT and so are we. It’s created a lot of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. After a lot of time of these three feelings; stress, anxiety and overwhelm- it leads to burn out. So, I’m gonna talk to you as Mom friends about some simple strategies to avoid mom Burnout. Ready? Let’s roll! 

First things first and this ranks in importance as number one;  get some time to yourself every dang day Mama, no exception. The qualifications that must be met in this strategy are: you’re by yourself, you have at least 20 minutes, and you’re doing whatever the heck you want-just for YOU. If you think I mean driving to the grocery store alone in the car- That doesn’t count! If you think I mean the 10 minutes that you drive to school pick up to get your kids-that doesn’t count! What does count, is alone time, doing something you want, love or find joy in for at at least 20 minutes everyday. Trust me. You need and deserve it. And If you don’t think you do- let’s chat. You need The Mama Protocol Because you can make time for you Mama and you deserve it. 

One of the top tips I’m also a firm believer in is to get yourself in a routine or (cringe if you may- a schedule)! What’s a schedule do for you? Well many things but here’s just a few to consider. You’ll have a plan for the day. I teach you all about this in the Take your day back Challenge inside The Mama Vault. You’ll know what to expect, you can plan your day which allows you more control, which helps with feeling happy and healthy NOT stressed and overwhelmed. Having a routine also has these benefits; fitting time in for yourself, allowing you to set boundaries for what you may or may not have time for and if you’re a type A personality you might just live your best life with a schedule (guilty as charged 🤣)

The next thing you can do to avoid mom Burnout is to move your body. It’s no coincidence that you always feel better after you move your body. It’s because when you move your body, your brain releases endorphins which make you feel dang good. So, the movement of what you do is up to you. But, I’ll share personally, the more intense the movement is the better I feel. So yoga isn’t really my thing- I appreciate it but if I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious yoga doesn’t help me. Running, a brisk walk, a bike ride, a HIIT class do the trick!

The last strategy I recommend would be to limit your sugar intake. Many of us moms turn to Food and emotional/stress eating when times get chaotic. Ironically, what that does to us and our brains is detrimental. Too much sugar depletes our energy, makes us moody and doesn’t help how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror. So, instead of turning to food for comfort during stressful times, I recommend dialing in on Whole Food nutrition not sugar. Check out The Mama Protocol where I break down real food for you. Why you want to eat it, how you’ll feel amazing, lose weight oh and give you 25 meal plan recipes that are husband + toddler approved!