Detox your Mind for Spring

What is it exactly about Spring that makes us want to clean up, clean out and just refresh all the things in our life?

When I  do a quick google search on Spring, the number 1 thing that comes up is Spring cleaning. And while I’m all for a good Spring cleaning, I  find it interesting that the topics that follow Spring cleaning range from Spring Diets, Spring Flower and Spring Cleaning of your closet and not one single mention of cleaning up our mind.

One of the most powerful tools we have that’s FREE to us is our mind. Yet it is the most un-utilized tool in all of the world. Why is that? I think it’s because so many of us are unaware of the power of our mind. 

But, let’s change that mmmkk?!?! In all the years I’ve spent learning about mindset and our minds it baffles me at how easy and fun it can be to detox our mind. 

I’ll share the cliff notes version for you here as I’m a busy Mama who often does the scroll when reading things online but know I  will also provide blog about this further in the near future.  There are many  other ways you can detox for a feel better, live more life too, here’s some of the blog articles I recommend about physical health detoxing:

-Become really in tune with your feelings. Notice how you feel when certain things happen. When you’re around certain people. When you eat certain things. Become familiar with all of this. Bringing awareness into your body and mind is the very first step in reframing your mind to being the powerhouse it was designed to be, for you. 

If you need to, keep track of these feelings. Journal them, keep them in your notes section of your iPhone. You’ll begin to notice patterns within these feelings of who you’re around and what you’re doing when you get these not so good feelings. When you have it nailed down what and why these feelings are being triggered go ahead and make some changes if you feel inclined. This is often when people get uncomfortable, because it might mean removing some people from your life that are no longer serving you. Maybe you’ve outgrown them, maybe they’ve taken a different path. Or maybe its as easy as you leaving behind that greasy cheeseburger you used to eat once a week.

Put on your big girl panties when you hear this, but if you want something more in your life, whatever that is for you, you’ve got to change how you’ve been living. So, you can absolutely change who you surround yourself with. It might be hard but if you FEEL like they aren’t supporting you living your best life, make a change, girl. I’m cheering for you! 

It’s important to know that when you notice these patterns you have the ability to change them, or not in your life. Some, you’ll be prepared to change right away and others might stick with you longer. Be aware that when these patterns keep appearing, they will continue to appear until you remove or clear them. It’s your mind, and the universes way of teaching you, you need to learn something and until you do about this pattern, it will continue to show up in your life. Remember, if you’re seeing patterns in your life you don’t like, change it. You and only you have the power to do it. I’m rooting for you.

-This one might come as a surprise Since I am known as the Social Media Queen but I  gotta say it anyways :) Limit your screen time on social media. The less you consume from the outside world, in this case (social media), the more you can connect with your present reality. What’s occurring right now. When we connect to where we are currently, we are more grounded, we are in tune with our body and emotions and it allows us to feel really present. And the Universe can only bring us things in the present Moment (more on that later when we dig deep into manifestations on another blog).

My Shirt here says "Shine Like The Whole Universe is yours". And really friends, it is! So go after it!

-Last tip, if you’re hanging on for the cliff notes version, is to set your day up for success. That means do what makes you feel good in the morning, fill your own cup up first before you pour into anyone else. I hear from my clients all the time how they don’t have enough time in their day. So, I opened the Take Your Day back challenge. Taking Mamas from overwhelmed to thriving in 21 days. Designed to help every Mom thrive in their day. Going from stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, do not know what to do next to literally be in control and tackle anything that comes there way. 

This is my Mama proof strategy that I want to shout from the rooftops. I was the overwhelmed, anxious mom, woken up every morning by the kid alarm clock of crying or someone standing in my face. No time for me, no time for my to do list, unsure how to move forward. I was So tired. I never had energy for anything. I was angry, unhappy and frankly did not like myself. I had to do something about it. 

And the Take Your Day Back Challenge is exactly how I now wake up happy, excited for the day, and ready to tackle anything that might come at me. And that my friends is freedom. Because when you feel better, you live more. And I’m on a mission to help busy working moms feel better so they can live the life they want more. You in?

3 easy mindfulness practices to take you from stressed to relaxed to enjoy the present moment

Do you notice yourself getting caught up in worry, fear and anxiety? As a Mom this isn't hard to do. We worry about all the things. We are responsible for these little humans running around. Trusting they won't get hurt. Trusting others to help us care for them. Trusting people will be kind to them at school. There is so much we often worry about.

But, what if had a way to calm that inner Mama worrier? What if instead of feeling stressed and anxious and worried about all the little things we felt peace. If that heavy load on our shoulders floated away? 

Let me tell you something Mama....3 years ago I was overcome with worry. Stress. Anxiety. I was brought up in a home and family and generationally the women in my family- we worry. We worry about everything. I had all these crazy ideas floating through my head all day about what might happen that would be bad. And I  had a plan on what I'd do if that happened. Like WOAH. Talk about planning for the future..and in a negative way. I cringe just thinking about it. I  was thinking negatively, worrying about worse case scenarios and if you're familiar at all with the Law of Attraction (LOA), what we think about, we attract. You can read my blog about the 12 universal laws here. So the more I worried, the more I  attracted reasons to worry. Holy Cow. I  was a mess. 

But Mama, the truth is – life (& happiness) are only available in the here and now - neither in the past, nor in the future. And – spoiler alert – it’s your duty to stop holding onto what has already happened - or worrying about what might happen. 

Easier said than done. I know.  That's why I  wanted to share my 3 easy practical tips to get you out of your mind; and free from the worry, stress and anxiety into feeling happy, healthy and balanced.

1. Practice Meditation- Calm your Mind. Calm your Life

Practicing meditation on a regular basis helps you to let go of overwhelming thoughts and calms the mental discourse that goes on and on (and on) inside your mind. It might not feel natural to you in the beginning - it is worth it!

The point in this practice is to help you to let go of worries, fears, and regrets instead of holding on to them. There are tons of guided meditations on YouTube and I also include some in The Mama Protocol course that I've created just for Moms to find peace. 

2. Focus on The Good and the Good Gets Better. Recall what I said above about Law of Attraction (LOA).

Taking 10 minutes to focus on gratitude each day has the power to shift your attitude like nothing else.  

The practice of writing down what makes you happy and what you are grateful for makes your vibe higher instantly and it also helps you get clear on the activities that actually bring joy into your life. 

So, Mama, if you are feeling stuck, unhappy and overcome with feelings you don't like, gratitude journaling is an effective tool to (re)gain clarity and find happiness in the current moment. 

3. EFT or Tapping

This is a realtviely new technique I've learned but I'm here for it. It is called Emotional freedom technique (EFT) and it is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure.

People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain. According to its developer, Gary Craig, a disruption in energy is the cause of all negative emotions and pain.

Though still being researched, EFT tapping has been used to treat people with anxiety and people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And your girl here is soon to be certified! There are tons of tapping videos you can look at online but I of course always recommend working with an expert that is trained and certified :) 

Implementing these 3 super simple mindfulness practices into my morning routine has really made a huge difference for me and I can highly recommend them if you are struggling with finding joy in the present moment with all the other things you're juggling in motherhood. 

I know how life goes and sometimes its totally overwhelming  – but remember that you are not your thoughts. You can reframe those thoughts and start feeling better and design your dream life that you want- not what society or anyone else tells you that you should want! 

If you are seeking guidance for re-claiming your power and getting rid of limiting beliefs, anxiety and overwhelm - I'm here for you Mama!

I’m happy to guide you towards the best version of yourself-the you that you want to be not that you think you should be, or your family thinks you should be. The you that sets your soul on fire and enjoy your present moment :)

My group coaching program The Mama Protocol is all about developing a loving yourself mindset, peace protocols, Nourishing your body + Soul, building unshakable confidence and celebrating the process of becoming your highest self in your everyday life. 

Click The Mama Protocol if you feel called to take the leap.

I am beyond excited to welcome you into my energy soon!

Heart and Inner Work,

Remember to treat yourself well.

Why get your mind right, without adding an extra thing on your to do list!

Mindset. The Differentiator in Wellness.

Everywhere you are online nowadays you read all about mindset coaches and getting your mind right. Just a few years ago, you never heard of mindset let alone see people owning million dollar businesses from coaching others on their mind. 
Naturally, I had to check out this mindset thing and see what it was all about. My BFF since I was 5. True story, there’s a picture of us at my 5th birthday party (she still looks the same-annoying I know but I fricken love her) really got into Mindset a few years ago. And since shes my BFF I have to do everything to support her. And so I enrolled in her mindset program.

When I started, I was 8.5 months pregnant and in a pretty miserable place in life. I felt awful, couldn’t hardly keep food down and was HUGE. You can imagine, I didn’t go into her program with an excitement that this was going to change my world. But dang it sure did. I’ve been drinking the kool-aid ever since. And here’s the thing I want you to know. Mindset isn’t just a fad. It’s here to stay. In fact, its been around forever. Read The Secret and Think and Grow Rich these books have been around a long time and are all about the power of our mind. 

As I’m writing this blog my mindset journey is almost two years in and as promised when I started, I almost nee da telescope to look back at the person I was then and all the incredible changes I’ve made. I know you’re curious as you’ve read about some people who have hired mindset coaches and but you don’t think they are for regular people but I’m a regular person so let me share some of my results for you:

-Grew my business to the next level within my Company
-Doubled my Income
-Put my marriage back on the front burner. This was a team effort of course and one we are so grateful for. I have a story to tell here when I feel its right. But, let me tell you this friends, this change in itself is worth all the mindset in the world.
-The confidence in me again. If you’re a Mom you can relate. We do all things for everyone else, especially our kids. I mean look what it does to our bodies. All the weight, all the pee dribbles when I sneeze or jump but gosh dang it those babies are worth it. All the sleepless nights. When I came out of the fog of being a new mom, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

As you can so relate, being a Mom changes you, and albeit it for the better, its an adjustment. Working on me again and my mind, I found myself and not the Jessica I was before, the Jessica I am now. And dare I say it, I freaking love her. 

Have you heard thoughts are in control of our feelings and our feelings control our actions? Yep, they do. Get your mind Right! Also, check out my video here for some quick easy tips to incorporate in mindset.