Stop Sh*t Talking: 3 Steps to a Confident Mama

Did I catch your attention Mama? I was trying to. While saying we're shit-talking ourselves doesn't sound very pretty - it's a reality. We're not very nice to ourselves 9/10 times. We don't give ourselves any freedom when making mistakes, we don't give ourselves room for our desires, we like to give our bodies crap (when it's done SO many amazing things). Let's face it, we're a *bit* mean. 

Last time, I talked about how to stop being a people-pleaser and how it focused mainly on being more confident in yourself as a mom, woman, and human being. So, I figured we would cut straight to it and establish how you can be a more confident Mama, and we broke it down into three easy steps:

Step #1: Accept Your Desires

One main reason that mama's lack confidence (and tend to talk down to ourselves) is because we don't feel worthy of our desires. We don't feel like we can live a little for ourselves or that we can exist outside our role as a mom. When we feel this way, we tend to repress and downplay our desires. Something that we truly want, we downplay to something that's a passing fad.

That's why step one is accepting your desires - you don't even need to chase them... YET. Accepting your desires and acknowledging that it's okay to have wants outside of being a mom allows you to feel more secure in yourself, in turn making you a more confident mama.

Step #2: Practice Gratitude

A huge part of living the life of my dreams, manifesting, and accepting my desires is practicing gratitude for what I have and what comes my way. Gratitude allows you to be thankful for what you have, what your body does, and even the events that are occurring in your everyday life. 

Practicing gratitude can be as simple as taking a few minutes with your morning coffee and saying thank you for the wonderful things in your life and the amazing things to come your way. Or, you can choose to journal! I love journaling and do it every morning - I promise it's a good habit to get into!

Step #3: Forgive Yourself

You are going to make mistakes, it's inevitable. No one in the WORLD is perfect - but we can try our hardest to live a happy, fulfilling life. Forgive the times you lose your temper or become overwhelmed. Forgive the moments you skip the laundry or let the dishes pile up. Forgive yourself for the moments you snapped at your husband. Allow yourself to be forgiven, and start new.

You CAN restart, each day is a whole fucking new day. And, with each new day, we get closer to staying in our mom power and making rules in our lives that work for us and don't make us work for them. We figure out what we need for ourselves to become a better piece of our family. We become a mama confident in ourselves, our wants, and our decisions.