4 Mindset Shifts to Relieve Stress for Moms

4 Mindset Shifts to Relieve Stress for Moms

Did you know that you could relieve stress just by changing how you think? It’s true. Your mindset is more powerful than you think and simply switching up your thought process can help you relieve some of that built up stress that comes with being a busy mom. 

Stress is a huge struggle for moms, whether it’s trying to avoid it or dealing with it head on  - and sometimes, it feels like it’ll never change. And while stress is a nuisance in small doses, overtime it can leave lasting effects on your mental and physical health, such as:

Mental Effects:

  • Reduction in brain chemicals needed for happiness 

  • Depression

  • Low self-worth

  • Perfectionist thinking (aka never good enough)

  • Inability to take criticism

Physical Effects:

  • Exhaustion

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Immune system damage

Here’s a secret though, that’s NOT how it’s supposed to be. 

Mom-ing is hard, but it shouldn’t feel impossible. You shouldn’t have to struggle through the stress, guilt, and overwhelm daily. Instead, try something new… like these four mindset shifts to relieve stress:

#1: Drop the Mom Guilt

Just breathe and let it go. Mom guilt is one of the largest contributing factors of stress in moms and can actually cause chronic stress if left untreated. While it doesn’t seem possible at the moment, getting rid of mom-guilt is a great realistic expectation as a mom and will greatly help you reduce stress in your day-to-day life. 

Mom guilt stems from the fact that we love our child and want what’s best for them and feel guilty if we think we’ve ‘underperformed’ as a mom. Sometimes, it can even come out after something little - like serving poptarts for breakfast rather than a platter of bacon, eggs, toast, etc.

But, you’re not in it alone! Every mom deals with mom guilt at some point in their journey through motherhood - that’s why I created The Mama Vaulta community of like-minded moms to help you get through the rough patches!

#2: Learn How to Say NO

Along with kissing mom-guilt goodbye, it’s time to start believing in the word NO again. I’m not talking about your parenting style either, I’m talking about prioritizing yourself again and saying NO to situations that are going to make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. 

Being a mom, there’s this stigma that says that we should be ‘people pleasers’ leading us to say yes to family visits, trips, or even errands that are actually too much for us to mentally handle at that moment. 

Instead of doing what’s best to please others, take a step back and determine whether it’s best for you - and don’t be stingy with the NO’s.

#3: Breakaway from Perfection

There is no such thing as a perfect mom. We all have our good stuff and our not-so-good stuff, but our kids are not judging us on how perfect we are - it’s just us. 

Perfection is an illusion and striving to make no mistakes is a setup for failure - and more stress. Simply adjusting your mindset and reassuring yourself that perfection is not possible, not necessary and sticking to it can take the weight off your shoulders.

I understand that adjustments take time, so the best way to start putting this into practice is when you start to get overwhelmed with tasks. When the task seems too daunting or you don’t have the motivation, just remember - you don’t need to be (or need it to be) perfect. 

#4: Remember Your Why

After a while of repeating the same schedules, the same stressors, the same struggles, it becomes harder to remember the why behind it all. Why you’re working hard, why you picked your goals, why you took this path, and, sometimes, even why you wanted to have a family.

The key to maintaining a balanced mindset and not succumbing to stress is identifying your why’s and sticking to them when times are tough. If you’re not sure ‘why’ you’re doing it, sit down and re-evaluate your lifestyle and mindset to determine your new why.

Relieving Stress With a Mindset Shift

Relieving stress as a busy mom is going to require more than just a few stress relief activities. Long term stress relief comes from adjusting how you think about and cope with your daily stressors. 

Motherhood is hard on us all and it’s even harder when you feel like you’re alone… 

Join a community of like minded moms or join in my Take Back Your Day Challenge to transform your mornings:

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Stress Relief Activities for Spring

Do you know the number 3 cause of disease in our Country is stress? Say what?!? And stress is 100% preventable. The top causes of poor health are stress, sugar and (lack of) sleep. And all of these are preventable. So, let’s work on getting these under control ok. We want to feel better so we can LIVE more.

Today we are going to talk about stress relieving activities for Spring. We live in the frigid north so by the time Spring comes around we can’t wait to get things cleaned up from Winter and get outside. Spring is my favorite season for a multitude of reasons; my birthday is in the Spring, Winter is long in our state and we don’t get enough sunshine, plus there’s just something about those gorgeous flowers that come in in Spring. Tulips anyone? 

Spring also means we can get outside. And grounding with the Earth leaves us feeling calm and peaceful. A feeling each one of us wants more of. How can you integrate getting outside more this spring to reduce your stress level?

Move your body. Longer days mean more time for ourselves. Get outside and move your body. We’ve often been cooped up inside so it’s time to get out and enjoy the longer, sunnier day and move. Moving your body increases endorphins which makes us feel better, So, go girl go! I’ve shared before but there is a direct correlation for me when I’m feeling stressed and anxious that the more movement I  do in a day or harder movement (running, biking, HIIT, etc) the better I feel!

Eat Whole Foods. Remember what I said about over consumption of Sugar being one of the top reasons for disease? So eye opening, isn’t it? When you’re feeling extra stressed, limit your sugar intake. Sugar plays into feelings of stress and anxiousness and then our bodies crave more making it a sick circle of more and more sugar and more and more stressed feelings. Instead of eating refined sugar, try incorporating real sugar from fruits into your diet. You might notice a detox Period of when you come off the refined sugar but the added benefits I  promise will be way worth it!

Get enough sleep. When we are feeling highly stressed in might be hard to turn off our brains and sleep each night. I get it. I’ve been there. But sleep is so important to allow our body that restorative rest it needs to function for the next day and regulate our body systems. If you’re having a hard time shutting off your brain at night here’s a few suggestions on how to fall into easy, peaceful sleep! 
    1. Read a book before bed
    2. Limit screen time (tv and phone 30 minutes before bed)
    3. Take a bath before bed. I love to take an epsom salt bath with my favorite essential oils
        4. Listen to a meditation of guided sleep

And last but certainly not least, one of my favorite things to incorporate into my life that have made a HUGE difference in my stress and anxiety level is….Meditation. There are tons of guided meditations out there that you can use on YouTube but some of my favorites are those my Abraham Hicks and Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

What are some of your go-to tips for relieving stress? I’d love to hear them below and share with my Mama Community after all, we are all in this together. We want to feel better so we can LIVE more.

All of us Mamas gotta stick together, we are all in this together and it takes a community to raise our babies and ourselves. Remember to treat yourself well!

XO, Jess