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You have 3 options to join! 

How serious are you about fueling your body to be fit and healthy to help you  FEEL your best?

The Basic: $135
-Ningxia Red Starter Kit

The Jumpstart: $217.50
-Ningxia Red Starter Kit $135
-Sulfurzyme Powder $47.25
-Lime Essential Oil $5.25
-Life 9 Probiotic $29.50

The Overhaul: $278.75
-Ningxia Red Starter Kit $135
-Sulfurzyme Powder $47.25
-Lime Essential Oil $5.25
-Life 9 Probiotic $29.50
-Super B: $20.25
-Essentialzyme: $41

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Thank you, Jess and community, for giving me the tools to be my best self again after I had my kids. I know who I am now. And I love myself! Seriously this info has saved my sanity!

Janice W

How to Order: 

1.Scroll down and click on the "Other Premium Kits" tab, then select the "Premium Starter Kit with Ninxgia."

2.  Scroll down to "step two" and say "yes" to both questions. This gets you free points and FREE Ninxgia in the future!

3. Add any additional products to your order in the bottom left hand corner:
-Sulfurzyme powder - PV: 47.25 Item # 3241
-Lime Essential oil PV: 5.75 Item # 5591
-Super B PV: 20.25 Item # 3240
-Essentialzyme PV: 41.00 Item # 3272
-Life 9 PV: 29.50 Item # 18299

4. Complete your registration.

5.  Wait patiently (or not so patiently :) ) for your kit to arrive!! Send me a message when you're done and I will get you added to the group where we do a deep dive into the 6-week protocol to get you feeling your best with increased energy + more radiant health+ weight loss!

Now, IF you are already on another Young Living team, here is where you would sign up for a full month’s worth of the community. Grab your juice an
JOIN US for $47.00 for the first month, and reoccurring $27.00 a month after that. Cancel at any time. 

You know those mamas who make motherhood look easy? 
That mama can be you. 
Come rediscover your thrive with the 6 week Jumpstart!

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