I’m Jess, and I am so glad you are here!

A few years ago, I was just like you...on a deep dive into understanding what my new life as a Busy Mom looked like. Turns out the minute that sweet babe is in your belly, you've got a lot of responsibility. Do this, not that. Buy this, not that. Eat this, not that. It left me feeling in a state of overwhelm. 

And overwhelm = stress.  But goodness when they laid that sweet baby on my chest, it was worth it.

Fast forward a few years, with two babies, I felt overwhelmed, stressed and no idea who I was anymore. The internet claimed I should be able to take care of these sweet babes, work full time, keep a house functioning oh and keep my marriage alive. I had 24 hours in a day and if someone on Instagram could make their life look perfect with juggling it all, I was bound and determined I could too. I spent hours combing the internet, trying to make sense of what I was learning and how to keep up. Lots of organization tip sites, busy mom hack printouts and lots of thriving in motherhood books later I was no closer to having figured it all out and further away from the Jess who I wanted to be as a Mom. 

One day I lost my shizzz on my kids and screamed at them, like one of those shake the whole house scream and I knew something had to change. I came to realize all of those articles online about how to manage it all were BS and I was bound and determined to find a way for me to do this Mom thing on my terms. So that I was thriving, my marriage was thriving and so were my sweet little boys.  (I have always had a low tolerance for BS, I can sniff it out like a stinky diaper).

 My simple search to understand how I would transform my life turned into a passion for sharing what I learned with my fellow moms. Moms who want to live our best life. You’ll also find a lot of community support on luxury travel tips, Mama Fashion, Healthy Food for picky eaters, Mindset and Healthy Living.


The more I learned, the more I realized 

what we Moms are dealing with was actually 


I didn’t want other moms to go through the same uncertainty and worry that I was feeling. In those early days of research, if you happened to sit with me for more than 5 minutes, you can bet I was going to tell you about what I was discovering! And let me tell you - those conversations were eye-opening! Moms would share and I would listen, tucking away their concerns to later go find answers for their questions, eager to bring a sense of security and ease to their motherhood journey. As my collection of information grew, so did my desire to create a community of women to share it with, and so The Mama Vaut was born. 


My search for understanding may have started with an unexplained rash on my son, but it also coincided with an emotional time in my motherhood journey. I had recently lost my unborn child to a miscarriage. I felt a deep need to protect my son which undoubtedly was connected to my loss. 

Fervent study and research about chemical exposure and toxins led me directly to studies about the use of chemicals and pregnancy complications. My determination grew, not just to purge my own home of harmful substances, but to pursue wellness from the inside out. This wasn’t just about what I cleaned my counters with, or what shampoo to use on my son, this was about whole health; mind, and body. The better we ate, the better we felt. The better we felt, the more we did as a family. The more we were traveling, the more comfortable clothing that was cute and sustainable mattered to me. The more healthy our lives became

the more I wanted the same for other mothers.


Well, Mama, that can be you too! What that put-together-mom has is TRUST. She has resources and tools she knows are honest. Trustworthy resources mean less stress and worry, letting her focus on the parts of being a mom that she loves.

Nothing about being a mom is simple, but it can be EASY with the right resources.
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