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 The Art of Receiving 

We are born into this life with desires to claim, lessons to learn, and paths to walk. When we live in our power we can move through life effortlessly claiming everything that is here for us to have, to hold, to experience, to pass along, to share, to earn, to give.
We are not attached,
We don’t play the victim,
We don’t stress,
We don’t worry,
We don’t cling,
We don’t control...

Because our power gives us t
he ability to see, act, and manifest exactly everything that is meant for us.

You are here to

Own your power.
To claim it.

You are here to

Lead with your power.
To revel in it.

You don’t have to earn it.
You don’t have to prove it.
You don’t have to fake it.

It’s already within you. Your power is YOU.

No one gets to give it to you.

It’s already yours.

Yet you find yourself waiting.

Waiting for the perfect man.
Waiting for the perfect opportunity.
Waiting for the fear to pass.
Waiting for the perfect paycheck.

You think once you “have all the things” THEN you will be in your power.

Rather than cultivating the power that is already within you,

You wait for validation to rise.

This is the difference between a woman living in her power and a woman WANTING, NEEDING, and WISHING for things to be different:

🔥 One of you acts, the other one waits.

🔥 One of you is led by desire, the other is led by fear.

🔥 One of you is a dreamer, the other is a visionary.

🔥 One of you claims responsibility, the other gives it away.
The difference is not that any one of us has more power than the other...

It’s that some of us know how to HARNESS IT.

To lead with it.
To cultivate it.
To trust in it.
The question is:

Are you willing to stand in your power & claim it?
What if you stopped waiting for it?
What if you learned how to harness your power YOUR way?

Join me for The Art of Receiving Masterclass where you'll harness your power your way and receive effortlessly like the Gorgeous Woman you are.

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