Hey there, Mama! You just found the easy button for traveling with kids.

Hola, bonjour… And hello! I’m Jessica Doman, founder of The Mama Vault.

Since I was kid, I knew I’d go places most people only dreamed of 🗺 It wasn’t enough for me to hear about exciting cities, I had to see them for myself. It’s all about the experience! Then, I had kids and became obsessed with showing them the world.

I created The Mama Vault in 2020 as a way to offer an Easy Button in Motherhood. Moms love to travel with their families but have a hard time finding time to plan it all and know where all the best places are..

Wherever you're off to next, we’ve got the must-know deets! Check it out here along with my packing list!

Looking For Un Peu Plus (A Little More) Travel Inspiration?

1) Check out
this fabulous clip sharing gorgeous views of the streets of Paris.

2) Download my free Packing for a Fabulous Vacation Checklist. It’s got some amazing tips — if I do say so — to help you have everything you need for your trip with your kids in tow!

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Thank you, Jess and community, for giving me the tools to put time back into my day! Seriously this info has saved my sanity!

Janice W

What is the Mama Vault? 

We are a community of like-minded moms led by Jessica Doman.

Our world’s culture surrounding motherhood is broken. 
We saw what was missing and decided to fix it!
In fact, we have a fix for many things...
just think of The Mama Vault as your easy button to motherhood!

You know those mamas who make motherhood look easy? 
That mama can be you. 
Come rediscover your thrive in The Mama Vault!

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