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Hey There Mama! 

I’m Jess, and I am so glad you are here! 

A few years ago, I was just like you...on a deep dive into understanding what chemical exposure looked like and how it affected my family. I spent hours combing the internet, trying to make sense of what I was learning I have always had a low tolerance for BS, I can sniff it out like a stinky diaper. Becoming a mom only strengthened my nose (both for the truth and for weird smells…) so when my son developed a rash from a trusted, “organic” baby lotion, I knew something wasn’t right. My simple search to understand what the ingredients were in this product turned into a passion for sharing what I learned with my fellow moms. 

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Our family’s favorite 20-minute meal + it’s Keto and Whole 30 approved! 
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Meet Jess!

Wife, Mom to two boys, business owner,reigning kitchen dance party champion and continual briber to get her kids to smile for a picture!

Encouraging Moms to be the best version of themselves gets me out of bed each morning. I think every Mama can and should THRIVE in motherhood. Creating an unconventional ideal life is my passion, and that includes cooking with Real Food, Cleaning with Natural products, and building a community of empowered Mom's pursuing time back in their day, and healthy living for themselves and their families.

I’m on a mission to provide resources to all busy moms. I've ditched the conventional way of living because its doesn't fit my modern Mom life. I think as the matriarch of my family; I come first. I can't help support anyone else unless I'm fulfilled and living my best life. And I think that's whats missing in our motherhood culture. And I'm on a mission to change that culture, one thriving Mama at a time.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed and that there is never enough time, let me teach you how to get time back in your day. Searching the internet for a recipe, your kids might be willing to eat or spending 20 minutes reading ingredients on the back of the sunscreen that may or may not actually be safe for your kids is a waste of your precious time that you don't have enough of. Instead, Let me give you an easy button on safe, tried and true products and recommendations so you can focus on the parts of motherhood that you actually enjoy.

You didn’t find The Mama Vault by accident. 

You are looking for a way to stress over your kids less, connect with your family more, and enjoy this parenting gig. 

Consider this your invitation to reclaim motherhood and parent the way you are called to, not the way the internet tells you to.

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