MODERN SOCIAL MAMA IS LIVE! Ready to GROW in just 3 hours a week? 

In 5 modules, get my system that has gotten me 
to 65k+ followers, 
consistent business growth, 
DMs full of my ideal clients who are ready to get started
and consistent SALES 
in 3 hours a week on social media

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 The Big Picture

Develop the right mindset + understanding so you can transform the way you work and start seeing big results!

My whole system--everything I use, including templates and look-over-my shoulder videos!

Ideal client clarity. Worksheets & training to help you become a magnet to your ideal person!

Mindset. It's true the power of your mind even shows up on Social

How to attract, define your pipeline, setup your storefront, show up, share attract & convert!

 Set up Your Storefront
Set yourself up for success by establishing your brand + setting up the tech you need to rock this strategy in your biz!

Message. Learn how to speak straight into the heart of your ideal person so they s how up! 

Visual. Create a cohesive brand experience so your powerful message leaves an impact

Infrastructure. Everything you need to run this strategy, spelled out end to end!

 Your Business Manual

This is your operating manual—every system you’ll follow or action you’ll perform can be found here!

Get all of the systems I use to run my business:









 Run itLike a Boss

This is where it all comes together. Learn how & when to show up in your storefront, how to optimize how you spend your time and more!

Time Management


DMO + Weekly & Monthly Checklists

 Next Level

With your storefront & systems running smoothly, now it’s time to kick things up a notch!

Business Pages


Leverage Your Network

PLUS support, encouragement, inspiration and more in our Student Facebook Group!

The Modern Social Mama Curriculum

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Members-Only Facebook Community

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Guides, Checklists, Scripts, Templates, Resources, Hot list strategy and more
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The Social Makeover Challenge
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Hi, I'm Jess! 

I'm on a mission to help moms thrive in business 
with beautiful, simple systems and social media strategies 
that allow you to work on your time, on your terms! 

I'm a mom of 2 beautiful boys, and I run multiple successful businesses 
and manage my amazingly engaged following of 65K on social media
...all in under 3 hours a week. 

There's a right and wrong way to use social media to grow a business, and I learned the hard way that you've got to have a few key things in place to get what you want from it.

When I saw my friends and mentors rocking their business on social media
I dove right in. 
Share and sell my passion all while wearing sweatpants around the win! 
And I never had to leave my hubby or Sweet Son. 
I was happy, My business was thriving, my family was thriving, yet 
I was on my phone ALL. THE. TIME. 

I had no work/life balance. And this created a BURNOUT.  

I had this hustle mentality that left me feeling 
less than, tired and frankly no time for any fun in my life.

I built this incredible business for TIME and FINANCIAL Freedom for my family,

yet I wasn't enjoying any of it because I was tied to my phone.
Something had to give.
Instead of continuing on this dreaded path of destruction, 
I made a change. Many changes.
I decided I would come back to my business 
and leverage the powerful tools of social media...
only this time, on my terms
With boundaries. 
I committed to myself and my family that I would grow my businesses 
on social media--but only by spending 3 hours a week on it. 
It was a tall order considering where I came from, but I figured it out. 
Since then, I've coached countless Moms, just like me and maybe you 
who want this same freedom for their families 
and recognize the power of social media 
but want to know how to use it on their terms, 
using strategies that work within boundaries they can commit to

I created Modern Social Mama to help you do just that!
But you've gotta make that decision first.
It’s time to stop the love/hate relationship with social media 
and start doing what it takes to use the platform to your advantage 
to create a business that works for you.
It's ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to create attraction marketing via these platforms 
so that customers come to you…and you never have to 
send one of those dreaded COLD messages again.
Deciding to use social media to CREATE instead of to CONSUME 
can change the trajectory of your business very quickly...
Ready to get started? let's do this
Get in Touch:
Jessica Doman
Charlotte, MI 48813 USA
(517) 624-1669
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