For the mom who wants flow ease fun joy passion confidence in her life


No f's given.

You carried your babies for 40 weeks so you can spend 16 weeks growing yourself, mama!

If you feel you need a permission slip, here’s yours.

Go fucking for it. 

No one is coming to save you. 

No one is going to do it for you.  

It’s time for you to grab reins and do it yourself. Your way. 

Now is your time. 

Repeat after me, growing me, is powerful. So powerful that when I take care of me and put me first, I teach this to my kids. And when I come first, everyone else in my family thrives. 

I thrive 
My marriage thrives
My children thrive
My business thrives
My bank account thrives
My friendships thrive

Now is the time for me.



Week 1: What To Expect

Week 2: Societal Patterns. Generations of Being A Woman + Mom

Week 3: Energetics. What Is It + How It Works

Week 4: WTF Is Manifestation + The Quantum Field

Week 5: Universal Laws

Week 6: Uniting Feminine + Masculine Energy 

Week 7: Intuition Is Your Superpower

Week 8: You Get To Be an AND Mom

Week 9: Power Activation 

Week 10: My Manifestation Process

Week 11: Wealth Is Yours

Week 12: Removing The Lack 

Week 13: Human Design

Week 14: Marriage/Relationships

Week 15: Resources

Week 16: Rituals For Consideration

Live Q+A session every 4 weeks

Subliminals, hypnosis and meditations are included depending on the coursework for the week

*MMA is currently closed for enrollment. Enrollment Begins on July 1st!



"Jessica's intuitive gifts continue to blow me away. She can pick up on my energy without me speaking a word and has a way of pulling the truth, confidence and clarity that I seek out of me, often to my surprise. If you want to feel empowered and level up in a big way, you'll want to be in Jessica's world. You'll thank me later."

"Despite having done a ton of work on worthiness and money mindset, Jessica helped me to identify a limiting belief around money that I didn't realize was there because it was so deeply rooted in my lineage."

"Jessica has a gift with copy writing. It was through this process that she was able to help me get clear on my soul client, allowing me to speak directly to her. This has allowed me to pull in my soul client with ease. I have the results to prove it!"

"Jessica is very efficient with her time and takes a no fluff approach to give it to you straight which I loved!"

"Leaning into Jessica's message and working my way through Mom's Manifestation Academy (as a mother of 4 adult children and 7 G babies) I'm understanding now more than ever listening to my intuition and TRUSTING myself opens the door to my desires and attracts what is meant for me...
We really do get to write our own rules. And it's never too late to start!"

Join me inside Moms manifestation Academy $1,555!

*MMA is currently closed for enrollment. Enrollment Begins on July 1st!

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