Have you ever felt anxious, irritable, overwhelmed, stressed out...
or guilty for feeling those things?

I SEE YOU MAMA! I used to wake up every morning in a frenzy... by the mommy alarm clock that is a crying or upset child. In a haze from a lack of sleep the night before, I wasn't in the right state of mind to comfort them, and didn't even have enough "me time" to grab a glass of water before tending to my babies.

It left me irritated, anxious, stressed out, and agitated all day. Sound familiar?
One cold winter morning, I finally reached a breaking point. I screamed at my kids. Like, shook-the-house screamed. They were terrified. The looks on their faces told me something had to give... and it was me. 

It was time for me to work on myself...to give myself what I needed first. It was time to take back my day.

Taking your day back depends on doing the right things each morning.

...and this one thing transformed my mornings.

Get my free training + the digital tools I use to:
  • start each day energized and ready
  • kick self-sabotage to the door
  • have an awesome day, every day.
This free training is a taste of what you'll find in the Take Your Day Back Challenge, now live in the Mama Vault!

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To celebrate the launch of The Mama Vault, we're hosting a LIVE 21 day challenge, complete with videos, workbooks, coaching calls, and most importantly, a community of like-minded mamas!

Let's be real: you probably already know that something needs to change... but there are two things that stand in your way: 

1. Where on earth do I even start? 
Look, I get it! When you're already overwhelmed, it can be hard enough to fit a shower into your day. We've got your gameplan, mama. We cut out the guesswork so you know what to do (and how to do it!) so you can take your day back and thrive like you were designed to!
2. Habits are SO easy to break!
HEARD, Mama! Accountability and support are everything when it comes to making positive changes stick. That's why this isn't just a course--it's a challenge. We're going to grow through this together, as a community of supportive mamas. We've got your back!


We are a community of like-minded moms led by Jessica Doman.

Our world’s culture surrounding motherhood is broken. 
We saw what was missing and decided to fix it!
In fact, we have a fix for many things...
just think of The Mama Vault as your easy button to motherhood!

You know those mamas who make motherhood look easy? 
That mama can be you. 
Come rediscover your thrive in The Mama Vault!

If this feels like a peek into your brain...

and the thoughts that are constantly swirling, then you are not alone!

Motherhood is hard! (Can I get an Amen?)

But it doesn’t have to be confusing. 

From the moment you learn you are expecting you are bombarded with suggestions for how you should parent. Buy THIS. Don’t use THAT. This product is BEST. And just like that, you find yourself caught in a tornado of opinions and information. Thoughts on which recommendation is most helpful, turn to fears that you may have missed something important. Before you know it, you find yourself spending more time on Google than any other website. Turns out, when you have someone calling you Mama, there are a lot of unspoken names that come with it, like Chef, Doctor, and Research Guru! 

But what if there was a resource to help you get information that was good for your family? A resource where the research was done for you? 

No commercials. No marketing. Just tried and true, tested, and toddler approved ways to make your life easier and healthier.

You're done with being stuck in a cycle of information overwhelm...
You're ready for a one-stop resource for healthy living for you and your family...

You're tired of repeating two meals just so your toddler will eat...
You want to travel with your littles to places that are both fun, and add culture to your lives...

You're worried that all the harsh chemicals used to avoid viruses may have long term effects...

In search of a community of moms who get you!

Join the Mama Vault Now & unlock the easy 
button to motherhood you’ve been looking for. 


Easy kid (and whole family!) approved recipes created with your health in find searchable forum for tips on all things healthy

Effortless fashion that is as comfortable as a mother (but lets you feel put together!)

Stressfree travel plans for taking trips with your children

Easy kid (and whole family!) approved recipes created with your health in find searchable forum for tips on all things healthy
Home-based business support and encouragement 
Quarterly giftbox of Jessica’s favorite products, free for being a member! 

Ready to join a community of women taking their day back
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